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I'm going to launch an online store this month and later pay for facebook ads. So I was wondering it's better to promote only a few products or the whole online store.
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    Well I suggest you to promote your brand or an online store which increase your brand exposure and let the people know about your shop. After that you can go for product promotion and use various online websites for selling your product.
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    With a better understanding of high-quality traffic, let's take a look at the ways you can drive such traffic to your own website.

    1. Offer High-Value Content
    2. Get Active on Social Media
    3. Guest Post on Industry Blogs
    4. Optimize Your Site's Links
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    I think it's better to promote few products as you would get more targeted traffic and better sales rate. One more thing that maybe same customers/visitors will visit your store.
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    I think its better to promote a few products first that could catch attention. This way a lot of people would visit your shop to find what you offer.
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    You can pick a few products that you think will be popular to your audience and test from there. I would try that and be sure to include your store name/brand you want to promote.
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  • It is better to promote your best selling products after testing with FB ads. This will give you positive ROI and at the same time more people will recognize your brand too.
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    Originally Posted by Flushed View Post

    I'm going to launch an online store this month and later pay for facebook ads. So I was wondering it's better to promote only a few products or the whole online store.
    I would say it depends on the kind of "store" you put online, what is the target market for it and where is it crowding, but most importantly what's the approach you want to have to engage the potential leads / customers. Yes, you want to blast ads on fb but that's only the beginning, it's only the initial message. What's your sales funnel ? Yes, indeed, if you want to make a killing online with a "store" you MUST have a sales funnel strategy in place.

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    Promote individual products, not the whole store. As a new business, you build your brand by selling what people want at the price they are willing to pay and delivering the goods as described and pictured. Show them what you have, not that you have a store. Everyone and their mother has a store.

    People aren't attracted to buy shoes at People are attracted by offers of specific products Sammy has to offer. They don't know you or what you have and they aren't likely to click a general ad just to find out. The ad has to make them want to click by showcasing a specific product with a compelling picture and compelling offer and then your landing page needs to make them want to buy.

    Promoting your whole shop will likely only get you loosely targeted traffic of lookers, not real buyers.

    Building a brand comes with time because you don't have the millions the big boys have to spend on brand marketing. You need to focus on making sales today and build your brand in the process.

    People who are telling you to build your brand first and makes sales later either have the big bucks (not likely) or they look at everything through the eyes of big business. As a small business, you cannot build your brand using the same formula the big corporations use. You will fail miserable without having made a single sale. SO the next time someone remembers your brand "" and goes to your site, the only thing they see is.....


    Why? Because you wasted all your money on inventory and "branding" like as if you were a big corporation.
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    Definitely NOT the whole store. That would kill your advertising budget for sure!

    Will you be selling your own unique products or dropshipping from someplace like AliExpress? If you're dropshipping, then really all you need to do is research your competitors winning products and begin selling (and marketing) those and similar items.

    Good luck with your store and I hope this helps!

    Kevin "Grind Boss" Ocasio
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    In my view, you should promote your whole products because it will help you to boost your company in the marketing fields in an attractive way and then everyone will know about your online shop so that it will gains the traffic on your website and you can easily sale your promotional products as well.
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