Easy way for newbies to make some cash...

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hello, I have seen many "newbies" trying to make money online.

They ask for a way to make money investing little money.. I will share with you this strategy that works all the time for me.

Step 1: Create a youtube channel.

Step 2: Create your squeeze page.

Step 3: Signup with some autoreponder (free trial)

Step 4: Create a free content on daily basis for 10-15 days.

Step 5: Promote your squeeze page in forums, fb groups, etc.

You are going to be promoting your squeeze page and sending out daily emails to your new suscribers in order to get views for your videos and get noticed.

You dont have to promote the hard way... you only need to create engagement with your new audience to get them back to you.

Your first video must be really good. you can study first and then start creating.

Be natural.

Be you and people will start following you.

You can write some recommendation in your video description for sure (this way you dont promote directly)

At the end of the 10-15 days you can start promote something you think can help them.

You can promote your squeeze page all the time and you can create videos every day if you can!

At the end of one month you have gain some engagement and people will be more than happy to purchase your recommendations.
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    Great advice!

    But I'm sure newbies (who you may have seen) are expecting more, such as deeper step-by-step explanation in video format that you can share/show them in your Youtube channel for free until they make it. Most of them want to be spoon feed, and don't know how to click the thanks-button.


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  • I think you need to elaborate more on Step 4 - what are the free contents you recommended and how to create them fast.
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      Originally Posted by InternetMarketingMadeEZ View Post

      I think you need to elaborate more on Step 4 - what are the free contents you recommended and how to create them fast.
      you can find articles that talks about your topic, etc.. find content is really simple...you only need to talk about it with your own style
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    This is actually...pretty straightforward.

    I have been thinking about doing something similar to this... and all you'd really have to do, is set everything up once and promote the squeeze page, since the backend will redirect to the youtube videos.

    In that case, i think the contect should be created beforehand. Still, this is super nice! Thanks
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    Yes pretty good....
    Branding yourself with a powerful funnel in place is the best way to get $$$$$$$
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    wow this is very helpful post for newbiews who want to make some cash quickly.
    You can follow this article also for make some cash easily as a newbiews
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    Nice post, really. These steps are just broad information, you guys can google each of the step to learn more. or maybe here in wf.
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  • I agree 100%.

    The only thing I want to add is that YouTube, believe it or not, is just getting going. Video content is going to explode over the next 5-10 years and I would suggest anyone that does not have a YouTube Channel (for their business) to start one.

    It's as simple as that.
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    If you want to make some fast cash go to Fiverr and promote an easy service that people there are looking for. Or sell on Ebay. You'd probably make faster money on ebay than waiting 10-15 days emailing leads.

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