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Hi everyone,

I came across about the definition passive income. Most of the time we hear you can make passive income if you join to an mlm business opportunity. But what is, if we don't want to join to any mlm business opportunity? Is it possible to earn passive income with another online way? What are the possibilities? I love to hear your opinions.
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    You could start a SaaS, but even then if you stop improving on your product you might lose all of your customers. In general though, I believe you need to continue to ship and launch new products, new versions, etc to continually make money. There's nothing passive about that, but at least you get to work on your own terms and your income is up to you.
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    That question comes up every year for the pass 10 years you have been a member. Have you tried to search for the information on the forum?
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    It is possible but usually you will either have to buy something that is already passive or you have to spend the time and build something that can become passive. Basically you either have to put in the time and skill or put in the money, sometimes you need both.
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    Originally Posted by Martin1977 View Post

    Hi everyone,

    I came across about the definition passive income. Most of the time we hear you can make passive income if you join to an mlm business opportunity. But what is, if we don't want to join to any mlm business opportunity? Is it possible to earn passive income with another online way? What are the possibilities? I love to hear your opinions.
    Passive ? in mlm ? Im guessing those that get to the top of that cherry tree are hussling thier backside off, or started at the top, are they saying you can join a mlm and sit back and rake in the dough ray me ? I very much doubt that.

    and probably the same for anything else, most things will take time, money, and or energy to produce a so called passive income. So what is your definition of passive income ?
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    Here are a few ways to earn passive income:

    1. Government or employer pension
    2. Real estate investments
    3. Book royalties
    4. Insurance premiums
    5. Your own information products
    6. Your own website
    7. Storage units

    All of these methods require some work, but do provide passive income.
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    My "passive" streams are selling design templates, guides, courses, and YouTube ads. Amazon's affiliate program makes me a few bucks every month but it's chump change and wasn't worth the trouble in hindsight.

    Whether or not that's passive depends on your definition of passive. I like to call it recurring income, because the work I put into developing those products and setting up systems that sell them was anything but passive.
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  • To earn passive income online, you need to have affiliate program or business opportunity that provides recurring income or multi-tiered commissions. Having multiple sources of recurring income will also help you grow your wealth consistently and eventually leading to financial freedom.
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    I think that passive income comes fron something you create once, and then you have the opportunity to sell it indefinitely. That can include courses, books, articles, video and whatever else source of information.

    MLM isn't passive income unless you have a ton of people under you that do the work for you. It's too much dependable on others. People change, leave the market, become unemployed... there are too many variables.
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    I think the most easiest and simples way to generate income passively is by buying real estate and rent it. Of course you need to have big capital in order to buy some property like appartment.

    Another way is just have any online business, affiliate marketing, amazon fba or whatever, but to make it passive you need to hire people who would do all the work for you.
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    Create a website, have digital products for sale on it. That's the way I do it and it works well for me.
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    Passive income is never instant despite all the offers you see online promising it. If you do it right, you put in the hard work at the start and reap the benefits in the long term.

    It has to be based on recurring fees. That either comes down to a service or tool that requires a monthly fee or a membership site that requires a monthly fee.

    Once the work has been done in setting up a funnel to drive people to the passive income offer, then it's down to recruiting people to it.

    People will always leave, for a variety of reasons. So after you get your recurring income to a level you're happy with, you need to recruit at least as many new people as leave each month to stop your earnings from dropping.

    MLMs are favored in this model because you can earn from multiple levels below you. But they do have a pyramid structure. Regardless of what offer you're promoting, it must be a quality one to keep people paying for it in the long term.

    If you can create your own training program, and constantly update it, then people will be willing to pay an ongoing membership fee. Same with SaaS.

    Alternatively, if you can find a good example that has an affiliate program, you can piggyback on someone else's work for a commission.
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    You can create a courses and put it on a membership site with recurring membership fees.

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    Android apps have made me a lot of passive income. I started way back in 2013 and at present have well over 500 android apps. You can call it passive income or recurring income as these days even if I don't do anything, admob makes me money daily.
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    You can earn passive income through real estate.You can earn passive income online too.Passive income is cash flow where as you get reoccurring payments.Like if some one signs up for a monthly program or something then you will receive payments on a monthly basis
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    Best way to earn passive income is by promoting tools instead of promoting A single product

    People pay for tools every single month, If someone build his business in a certain tool it becomes hard for him to move his business to another tool

    Let's say you promoting a tool that Helps people build sales funnels, This tool is for 50$, you got commission 50%, That's 25$
    If you can bring 100 people to this tool, That's 2500$ recurring income for you every single month

    Most people trying to make fast money by promoting a single product, But tool very profitable if you know how to promote it.

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    There really is no such thing as a passive income. As for MLM being passive, the only people that believe that are those that are at the bottom still looking to become rich doing nothing.

    Even if you have the capital to hire other people or services to do everything for you, you still have to manage it all. And if you hire a manager, you have to manage the manager.

    No such thing as passive income. It's a dream sold by slimy IMers and MLMers.
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    Yes, you can have passive income without MLM, by build list. List is the collection of name & email address of potential customer. By using autoresponder, you can email them everyday - regularly - teaching some topic, and promote / recommend products. This is the way to have passive income.
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      Originally Posted by Arya Saleh View Post

      Yes, you can have passive income without MLM, by build list. List is the collection of name & email address of potential customer. By using autoresponder, you can email them everyday - regularly - teaching some topic, and promote / recommend products. This is the way to have passive income.

      That's not a passive income. You have to think, write, research, understand metrics, research, operate the auto responded, advertise, and many more things etc, etc, etc.

      Passive means you do nothing.

      Passive income means you do nothing and money rolls in.

      No such thing unless uncle bob left you billions. Even then, being rich still requires some work.

      "Passive income" is a term that was created to sell ebooks, courses and webinars to people who actually believe that, somewhere in the world, there is a way to make a passive income. So they spend their life searching for it in $7 hotsheets, $67 ebooks, $367 courses, $1067 seminars. and $6,667 coaching programs. But they never find it. And the people selling the goods to them are working for it.

      No passive income.
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    The simple truth is that that passive income doesn't really exist in Internet marketing.

    I'm older than most here and true Passive income (per IRS) is earnings derived from a rental property, limited partnership or other enterprise in which a person is not actively involved.

    It has become a catchphrase that markets like to use to promote the idea of doing some upfront work and then reaping gains from it that requires little to no further work. Which I think is a bunch of BS in most instances.

    If it was that easy, everyone would be doing/killing it.
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    you know people always say that starting a business is hard once that's done it will become easier!

    well let me tell you that's when it gets most difficult!.

    the ultimate key to starting and maintaining a business understanding your users and once their demands change you change your business accordingly as well to not lose them.
    a company should grow along side their customers and in reality only those businesses that adapt to change are the most successful ones.
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    As an investor you invest some money into a project and get a percentage of the profits (investments). It is what we can really consider as passive incomes.

    By the way when you have a FUNNEL in place, you can get good passive incomes with 10 minutes per day of work. Pretty simple
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    Yes there is another way.Create your own. Product or leverage a product from one of the online market places like jvzoo clickbank.
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    Build an email opt in page, send traffic -> offer.

    When you have a list of 5000+ you can make around $100 per day just sending out a 5 minute email.

    Or you can looking into CPA marketing and set up campaigns that just run.
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      That's actually what I recently discovered. CPA marketing + blockchain.

      You should definitely take a look at such mix. Nice potential & good profit.

      Im betting on HOQU these days. It's really something new on the market.
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    A great way to generate passive income is selling software tools like ClickFunnels,Aweber and Blue Host. These kind of software tools pay you monthly recurring revenue since they're subscription based services (think Netflix).
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    Mail them and mail them often. It's close to passive.
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    Maybe create a course or eBook and put it on ClickBank or JV Zoo?

    Or, have a website that someone else runs for you and you collect the income ( I do that).

    Or, create a book you sell on Amazon Kindle.

    Those all work. I have a great passive income with MLM, because my business is mostly automated, but that is not the norm.

    I also like recurring affiliate programs, assuming they have a high retention rate.

    My dream would be simply to own a tollbooth on a high traffic bridge, have someone else collect everything and just get a 50% cut.

    How about you?

    I think the only thing better than passive income is this:

    How can you make the most income possible in the shortest amount of time?

    For example, if you could work one day a week and earn $300 to $1,000, and you kept your living expenses dirt cheap or lived overseas, you could own your life 6 out of every 7 days a week.

    Not bad!
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    "Passive" income stuff you do online takes too much time these days. The easy money has been made. I put huge effort into making a mailing list (like everyone says you should do) but when I did a deep dive into the stats I realised I only had 25 good subscribers (out of 400).

    Now my best truly passive income comes from high yielding investments. I do very little trading so all I really have to do is log in once a month and rebalance my portfolio a bit.

    Also I have a rental property that's fairly passive income. I have a property manager and they take care of the day to day hassles. They only bother me when a big decision has to be made (that usually involves money lol).

    I still do a lot of online stuff, but I treat it as a way to have fun rather than make some serious cash these days.
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    This is a great discussion.
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  • The term "Passive Income" is a very loose term used as more of a catch phrase. It really means time compounding. When you work a 9-5 job making $50K a year salary working 40+ hours a week, you cannot make more than $50K a year and you have to at least work 40 hours a week.

    Time compounding is when you start developing a system to create money. The idea is to create a system that will produce more income and will require less of your time. However, you will never be completely free of work. So instead of working 40+ hours a week and making $50K, maybe you only put in 10 hours a week to tweak the business and still make the same $50K.

    Some of the easiest ways to make money online are self-publishing and affiliate marketing. Self-publishing does have a cap, doesn't require you to go back and fix the work you have already done and you can scale up very quickly
    Affiliate marketing can really scale up, but it takes a little more time. However, you will have to maintain the affiliate offers do to the change in trends, social media and other platforms.

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    Affiliate marketing
    Sounds easy but it isn't

    Spend time doing research on what users buy
    Get you blog up and running
    Create fantastic content (should be able to influence the users to buy the product you are promoting)
    Get the content ranked on Google Local search results

    If you can crack this, duplicate it. That should be the road to passive income
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      Write the name of your income source on a piece of paper, put the paper in a folder, write the words passive income on the folder and, voila, you got yourself a passive income stream.

      Works like a charm!
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