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Hi Fellas!
I am in fix, need guidance.
I want to run PPC campaign for an Indian client. Their target market is also India but the prices of their services is in US$. Now I have no idea in which currency should I set my bid.
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    Hi hasnain,

    you have a good question here. I am a digital marketer from India. You can set your bid in $ itself as it is in no way going to affect them in their service currency. Just make sure you use their service currency in the ads. And don't convert $ into INR for your ads as it would seem like a huge amount for the Indian market. Just use $ everywhere in the ads and you can use any currency of your convenience for bidding as they both are different.
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      Thanks alot for your reply. When i select location india(because target market is india and i want to see bids for indian market) the currency will automatically be INR.
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    I would personally prefer to use US$ when the services are sold in US$, as you then easier can look at the profit on the services sold compared to the cost per sales through the ads.

    Also you can discuss the life time value of the client and compare that to the advertising cost in US$ to acquire that client.

    However if you buy YouTube views it can be important to do tiny adjustments in the cost per view and I am personally running a campaign, where $0.01 means the campaign stops and $0.02 means that the campaign overspends. In such a situation I would recommend to set the account up with Vietnamese Dong, as it is the smallest value currency and therefore allows for minute changes to your bids. That is very useful especially for YouTube.

    This doesn't change the cost to you, it only means that you are playing with another unit.
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    if you are running the campaign for a client then ask the client what they prefer

    The Flu? Not worthy of a mention here???
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