CPVLab Pro and Maxbounty conversions not tracking, any ideas?

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I've just gotten back in to AM and can't seem to get tracking conversions on the new CPVLab pro working with MaxBounty. It seems to work fine with Peerfly, though.

What I'm doing:

1) I take the offer url, append ?s1= to the end of it, and put it as the offer in CPVLab Pro.
2) I take the post back offered by CPVLab Pro (HERE)/adclick.php?subid=subid-here) and add #S1# to it as so HERE)/adclick.php?subid=#S1#.
3) Take the above post back url and put it in MaxBounty.

I've tried both in-house and Maxbounty settings in the offer provider.
#conversions #cpvlab #ideas #maxbounty #pro #tracking
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