what makes you JV with somebody?

by Najat Engineer 10 replies
Hi everyone

I’ve been reading a lot lately about joint venturing

And it would be great if you shared your thoughts with me it's that important

So the question is

what makes you JV with somebody?
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    So that both of you can benefit from the increase in sales/customers/subscribers.
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    Relationship I have with the person.
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    Stanley: no I meant the reason of picking someone to jv with not the reason why you jv

    Terry: thanks for the reply
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    I usually like to find someone who has different area of talent than myself.

    I like to JV with someone who is great at the areas that I hate. lol
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    In my opinion, you have got to have one or both of two key factors so you can create a ton of joint ventures:

    1) A revolutionary product


    2) A known reputation

    A quality, revolutionary product will probably get you more noticed in joint ventures. But I would still say the crucial factor is factor 2.

    It's important to get your name out there anywhere you can. Personally, I find article marketing and giveaway events (for the IM niche) to be great for building name recognition. Build a brand and you can do anything you want.

    Articles are particularly good because once you start to have a mass of articles on one niche, people will start to notice you. They will see you as a go-getter, and they'll want to work with you.

    Giveaway events are great for the IM niche because you have many other giveaway partners there who will see your name and will remember it.

    When your name is more easily recognized, it is easier to make the first contact. When people recognize your name, they are more comfortable doing business with you.

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    IMHO, the entire JV situation in the IM niche (especially) has been blown way out of proportion. You would think the Japanese were the only ones that practiced the keiretsu mentality; but it seems to be abundant in the IM niche.

    Then again, I guess selling to those who are primarily selling is a sale that must have sales mentality. lol

    Seriously, though.. to answer your question...
    I'll JV with anyone that has a good product/service and is willing to enter the proper contractual agreements. (Non-Disclosure, Non-Compete & Joint Venture Agreement).

    This way, if they attempt to pull a fast one; just sue their asses off. (or just call cousin Bo to make a visit heh)

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  • Profile picture of the author Najat Engineer
    Jim, Rein, Fabian, Michael and William

    thank you so much for taking the time to reply, I really appreciated and I've learned something from each post

    thanks again
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      As I do more of these, my reasons are changing over time. Because of this,
      I really can't answer definitively at this time.

      However, I will say this.

      A JV is a very tricky relationship. Things don't always go the way you plan
      and sometimes the results of one JV will greatly affect how you accept and
      handle future JVs.

      Any time you deal with a third party, there is an unknown that only becomes
      known ONCE you develop a good relationship with that person. And then
      even then, sometimes people change.

      I am finding the JV process to be quite a fascinating one to say the least.
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    Hey Fabian,

    Excellent insight on building name recognition.
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