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I'm a virtual IT Director for small businesses.

(For folks here who may not know, a virtual IT Director helps businesses with the IT strategy and planning. He/She is a tech advisor working alongside the CEO/MD and looking for the business's interest while working with tech vendors. Works with several clients to small businesses don't have to hire full-time IT Director.)

I'm looking for ideas to market my services.

My target customers are SME business owners/MDs/CEOs.
Moreover, business owners who feel/realize that they need strategic technology help and advice.

Any thoughts/ideas on how I can go about marketing my services?

Looking for both online and offline marketing advise.
(I'm based in UK - Berkshire in case anyone has local knowledge.)

Thanks in advance.
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    So you wan to start consulting for different businesses? If so, the bases of consulting is networking, networking and networking. The people you connect with will help you immensely and in turn build a network to gain referrals. This can be a lucrative field of work but it just takes time.
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      Indeed - it takes time. Thanks!
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    Hi hellotr,

    Welcome to the forum.

    I would contact a variety of influential business organisations and offer to speak at their events.

    The local chamber of commerces, BNI groups etc.

    In Brisbane where I'm located the local government runs numerous digital education workshops for businesses and usually these attract business owners who are interested in developing a digital strategy.

    They formed a portal for digital business development which you may want to take a look at so you can see the types of event to target and the type of content that they think attracts business owners. Digital Brisbane is here

    There are numerous networks that extend outward from these central influencers.

    You can attend as a guest and network and try to get on the speaking circuit as it will reinforce your authority.

    Our regional development authority held an event over the last few years where they gathered exhibitors working in the digital space.

    This year they have changed strategy but are also running education type programs which you could investigate here

    Both of the links I've shared are government based organisations that have an interest in helping local business expand their digital knowledge and reach. I would look for something similar in your target area.

    Best regards,

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      Thanks for the detailed reply and the links Ozi. I will have a look at them.
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  • Hellotr,
    The following things really work well for me:

    • Join LinkedIn groups with active members that are part of my ideal clientele market. Other platforms outside LinkedIn should also be an option.
    • Contribute helpful content in these groups. Cover topics most significant to my ideal clients and most relevant to my services, knowledge and expertise.
    • Publish sponsored adverts in these platforms. My objective is to position my name as a friendly expert resource of authority content across my target communities in these portals.
    • Identify key decision makers in the relevant departments of my target businesses. Look for them in these platforms.
    • Analyze the current needs of my ideal clients in direct relation to my services. Formulate pitches with my value propositions for each of them.
    • Use LinkedIn InMail to send out my proposals to my target prospects. Contact them through other means outside these platforms, i.e. Email, fax, phone, social media IM and so on.
    -- Goal is to introduce myself then close a phone or video chat appointment where I walk them through my proposals in detail.

    I hope this helps.
    Need Authority Niche Content? $0.02 / Word. Quick Delivery.
    • Email me HERE. Or drop me a PM!
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