what is the program used for this video

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I would like know the following:

1-what program did frank use to create this video that runs when you start the page?
2-What did he have to do to create the www.kernclass.com page
3-what did he use to create the "yes I want this" functionality

Where can I get training to figure all this out?

Thanks in advance
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    I did not watch the whole video only about 1 minute but it is the simplest of videos to make

    Any screen capture software i.e. camtasia or camstudio and a slide presentation like powerpoint. And from the sounds of it a cheap microphone


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    Try FlashBack Express. It's still free I think.
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    This Wordpress page (including the button) is created with the Elementor Page Builder and the Woocommerce plugin.

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    It could be made with almost any presentation software as stated, but the default font and style of the symbol suggests Camtasia.
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  • Camtasia i think
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    I would probably use Powerpoint along with Audacity for the audio for the video in the OP.
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    Most likely Powerpoint and Camtasia, but in reality any presentation software and screen/audio recorder will do the job.
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