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what problems you are facing as a newbie blogger . or as a medium level blogger . what kind of solution you are looking for which can help you to become great blogger . and what process you want to eliminate while doing bloggging
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    All bloggers are facing the same issues. They are all fighting to get their content to the top of Search Engines. However, many are facing much smaller issues.

    A good example that I had was ensuring that we had an SEO plugin that worked correctly with our Wordpress site. It took a few days of research, but we got to the solution in the end
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  • I guess newbie blogger who is looking to make money doesn't understand what it takes. It is a simple, yet boring route.

    First, you need the right mindset, skills, confidence, support.

    Mindset - You are good enough, you can do it, you are getting better and better, your content is worthy, someone out there is looking for your content.

    Skills - Domain+host+Wordpress doesn't really do the trick.

    You need to write posts with 1000+ words, seo optimize a lot of them and schedule. You must have a long-term plan.

    For each post create visuals for each social media channel.

    Remember to re-schedule your posts and share other peoples relevant content too.

    Confidence - You gain confidence only by writing a lot! Sharing a lot! Tell people offline that you have a blog. By doing more and as time pass, you become better and better. You will be more confident about yourself and that what you do is worth of value.

    At this pace when you become better, you also become smarter as your better skills free time for other tasks, you now can do more easily and productivity.

    Newbies don't do this because it is hard, it is not time yet...but when the time comes...Build relationships with other bloggers.

    What else..
    Well in that pace when you become productive and it will be piece of cake to write content, create visuals share it, have a long term content plan and traffic plan you will be able to create products to your audience and write better emails.

    What new blogger don't know is it take months to get proper traffic from search engines. These days very good way is Pinterest and Facebook is ok if you want to pay for ads.
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    I just realised Hostgator gives away free SSL certificates. What an awesome bonus.

    On the downside it's taking quite a bit of effort to move sites over. It's easy if you just blog and post pictures. But I've got a few interactive features and 3rd party content which makes the conversion to SSL a lot more challenging.
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