How relevant are digital marketing certification?

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How relevant are digital marketing certification?
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    Originally Posted by AltiusHospital View Post

    How relevant are digital marketing certification?
    can you name one that is legitimate or recognized by an institution of higher learning.

    most, if not all, are worthless


    Broken promises don't upset me. I just think, why did they believe me?
    ~Jack Handey~

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      Originally Posted by agmccall View Post

      can you name one that is legitimate or recognized by an institution of higher learning.

      most, if not all, are worthless

      Depends where you look.

      Here's one.


      As far as this forum goes most people are self-employed rather than "employed" so qualifications don't mean much to many people who are working in the self-employed space.

      As far as legitimate qualifications in marketing, there are several streams in nearly all of the major universities where digital marketing is a component or a course in itself.

      As far as short self-paced digital certifications being recognised by employers then those are more for people wanting to learn various aspects of digital marketing rather than those wanting to achieve employment.

      The relevance of having a certification or qualification largely depend on whether you are seeking employment or following a path of self-improvement.

      If you are seriously looking for education and educational qualifications in regards to gaining employment then this forum might not be the best place to get informed.

      If however you are entrepreneurial and want to learn what other people are doing and implementing in a wide range of marketing activities both online and offline then you may be in the right place.

      The key to understanding the Warrior forum is to understand there is a wealth of knowledge mostly gained by a few individuals who have taken a particular pathway and become successful.

      Those people come back and share their experiences with other members.

      Then you have others who don't necessarily have experience but care to share ideas they have heard or "think" work.

      In most cases in the digital space the proof you can deliver a result is in many cases more valuable than a qualification or certification that shows you understand the theory.

      The digital marketing space is always evolving so it is usually those that spend time working in and meeting the challenges that have the greatest success.

      It doesn't hurt to get qualified or certified but be sure to develop some practical skills that deliver results in the real world otherwise as Al mentions the certification won't be worth the "virtual paper" it is pixellated on.

      Best regards,

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    Not at all, show your practical knowledge in this field, certification doesn't hold any value.
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    Originally Posted by AltiusHospital View Post

    How relevant are digital marketing certification?
    I don't think they hurt but I wouldn't spend too much time or effort in this area as I don't think it will give you the results you're looking for.
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    Are you talking about a certificate from a college or university?

    I wouldn't waste my time. From personal experience (I have a 4 year degree in web development) the material is outdated at best and garbage at worst.
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    Certification in digital marketing can you give the edge, when you are looking for a job because some of the organization, looking for certified experts. But if you are having experience in it, you don't need a certification for it.
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    Personally, when I was a one man show, I maintained the WordPress blogs for and that stint came to me from a recommendation by a leader in the wordpress theme development industry.

    When talking to CNN it was explained to me that a short resume and application would be required. On the app I was asked about a digital certification. My 'comment' was "what is a digital certification and don't answer that!" The rest of the app questions? I literally wrote "blah, blah, blah."

    Got the job anyway.

    That was years ago and in today's world I would not recommend it for people with no education or experience.

    All that matters in some cases is your own reputation and to have a reputation in good standing means more to potential employers than any digital certification.

    Heck, I know employers that will tell you it is nice to have because you have an exposure, but those same employers will rather see you have a good reputation as a youth leader, community advocate, etc.

    Entrepreneurs starting out and small businesses without giant staffs and budgets.

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    It all depends on your goal with it.

    Don't forget, many of the "hip" digital marketing
    certifications are created and SOLD to make
    money for the creator.

    A few very well known marketers now sell
    "digital certifications" because they know it
    will make them money.

    Hell, last year I was seeing every Tom, Dick,
    and Harry (not their real names) show up with
    copywriting certifications... thinking it would
    get them in the door.


    I will say this, if it's something like Facebook
    or Google certification, you may want to think
    about it.


    Not for the knowledge. Heck, I took the
    Google one for the heck of it.

    I didn't read a single word of their 26 modules
    and got every question right.

    But here's why they could help.

    It may be THE one thing that gets you

    Today, if you don't stand out in a
    certain way, you may have trouble
    getting seen or hired.

    So, a cert like Google's or Facebook's
    MAY be something you can add, to a
    resume, that an employer will see right

    And all you need is that... one thing
    to stand out and get your foot in the door.

    If you own your own biz?

    It still might make sense for you to get
    one from Google or Facebook.

    Because some folks may associate
    YOU with those big names, and that could
    build trust and credibility.

    So yeah, it's a hard thing to answer.

    For the actual knowledge, you won't learn
    much that's applicable.

    Hands on learning is great for that.

    BUT... it could be the ONE thing that helps
    you stand out in sea of sameness.

    Employers look at tons of resumes, so
    perhaps a Google cert will get you noticed.

    When I was a personal trainer, I knew that
    certs were mostly worthless because no one
    ever asked me who I was certified with.

    So, I got a $49 cert and within a few months,
    used marketing to become the top trainer in
    Portland Maine.

    Bottom line, it's tough to say whether it's worth it
    or not, since everyone is different and so is every

    But I will say, after almost 20 years online, every skill
    or cert that helps you stand out and get noticed in
    today's busy world... COULD be worth it.

    Just don't throw your money at the big name marketer's
    certs... I'd go Google or Facebook just so you can use
    their huge name and associate yours.
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    Not totally relevant. If anything, it only becomes relevant if you're using it to make money online YOURSELF.... or if you get lucky and make it into the interview of a local ad/marketing/seo agency.
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    We are now living in a world of internet. Emerging of digital marketing brought a huge impact on marketing industry. Digital marketing is marketing your products or services through digital mediums such as search engines, websites, videos, emails etc.

    The digital marketing industry is growing every year and the demand for the digital marketing professional are high. Every business is looking their business to make online. There are many institutes providing certifications in digital marketing courses. They are providing best industry practices and you can improve your skills, knowledge and employment.

    Whether you are new to digital marketing or an established digital marketer, an entrepreneur, blogger or someone just looking to promote your business online, going through a certification program will definitely enhance your authorization and establish you as a Digital Marketing expert.

    There are different kinds of certifications in digital marketing Google AdWords certification, Google Analytics certification, HubSpot content marketing certification, Hubspot Inbound marketing certification, Hootsuite Social Media Marketing certification, Copyblogger Certified Content Marketer, Content Marketing Institute Online Certification, Facebook Ad Certification, Market Motive Digital Marketing Certification Program etc.

    Demand, more job opportunities and high pay are the three reasons why you can choose digital marketing as your career. Digital marketing certifications will help you to choose the best career or company and also you can get up to date with the new trends.
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    If you are asking because you are making a choice between courses that offer some sort of credentials and others that do not, I would (personally) go with the one that offers some certification. As someone posted earlier it may be worthless to some, but it can't hurt to have it on your resume.

    Having some sort of certification can also be a motivator for those who are limping along and want some sort of goal to make it all happen. You can be cynical and see it as a marketing device to get more enrollees, or you can make it work for you in a very competitive marketplace.

    There are many courses out there - some high ticket with ongoing coaching and others that provide you with some knowledge and some tools to get started. Having a course with some sort of certification would not be my only choice for making a decision, but I wouldn't rule it out as totally meaningless. The better courses will insist that you learn how to set up an autoresponder and get sign-ups or they'll challenge you to do a Facebook Live. If you're taking a course why not get a pat on the back at the end? That's assuming, of course, that you are accepting a challenge and have met it successfully.
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