Is anyone here personalizing their marketing campaings?

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I want to know if anyone here is doing personalization in their marketing campaigns, if yes then How are you implementing these campaigns?
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    You can try with Geo personalization, and sometimes, if you can implement it, you can try with dynamic URLs where you'll be automatically creating a dynamic landing pages from your already-known email subscriber data (name, age, location, etc.). It skyrockets your conversion rate, but it will take you more time to implement it.
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    Yes. A lot of businesses do personalize their marketing campaigns.

    One is having a physical store, aside from an online store, which makes customer experience more pleasant and appealing to shop in-store.

    Another is setting up pop-up ads for buy 1 take 1 or other offers in your site content. This type of gimmick can encourage more signups as the deals could attract customers to visit your store.
    Email campaign is also a way to cummunicate to your customers. You can do this by sending them individualized emails to a specific group of people with certain needs.

    Make your about page more interesting to read by adding a short video message as welcome or introduction to your store. You can also put pictures of you and your team. This can gain you trust from the customers.

    Interact with customers through social media. Be active and always provide relevant updatess on all your social media accounts.

    If you have the ability of doing data collection, you can personalized recommeded products shown to each of your customers, so you get to cater their interests.

    Aside from these, there are more ways to personalized marketing, but this is what I mostly recommend.
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