OK to split book into chapters and re-publish?

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Hi folks -- I have a book already published on Kindle and I was wondering if they'd be OK with me splitting that book into chapters and publishing as a series of mini-books?

I can't seem to see any guidance on this anywhere so wondered if any of you guys knew?


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    You should be able to publish the series and still leave the full version up if you wish.

    Since you are the author or same pen name, there should be no issue with this at all.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.

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    An update on this.. I checked with Amazon support and they're fine with splitting up the book, as long as they all have different titles!
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    Make sure each chapter has value by itself. They have no problem with short, as long as it has value... They never told me how they define value, though. I am thinking they want things to be self-contained, so as to not make people buy another book/chapter to understand/get full value from the first.
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    faced the same issue.
    thread didn't help
    can i get this issue solved?
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    I am wondering of you run the risks of making your entire book available for free through ebooks chapter at a time?
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      Originally Posted by Liz Beth View Post

      I am wondering of you run the risks of making your entire book available for free through ebooks chapter at a time?
      Are you going to wait, for maybe weeks, depending on how it is dripped out...to finish it?

      The sample chapter is ROUTINE for Amazon, Kindle and many other places.

      The question is, do the chapters stand on their own? And he says they do. So, why not split and sell or re-purpose them, which he apparently has done.

      He found the answer from Amazon. And he didn't say anything about FREE, he may make more selling them as Mini books, not free ebooks.

      I would advise him to also have a limited time period course, where they get one chapter a day/week, depending on the content...and then to TEST giving one away, adding the others as continuations.

      I don't see any RISKS for the OP to test this out, as Amazon is fine with it.

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