Any Ideas on how to market a Kickstarter campaign?

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Hay all, I need advice on how to market a Kickstarter campaign that my friends started a few days ago, it doesn't have any traction and very few backers and they wanted me to help since I worked for a while with digital marketing but all my efforts are seemingly going in vain.
I tried my usual posting it everywhere with good catchy titles but still nothing.
I did change the voice over in the video to my voice since the accent was so bad but I still think it might not work so I'm here to ask more experienced people, does anybody has an experience with crowdfunding marketing?
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    Maybe it's not marketing problem, but kickstarter campaign instead?

    if the idea is good, you should receive traffic and funds.

    Make sure, you have good quality, eye-catching, engaging video.
    The kickstarted page must be easy to read and informative as possible.
    Include many pictures in campaign.
    Partner with a public relations agency that can write and distribute well-written press releases throughout your campaign.

    I think firstly make sure that the campaign is perfect and well researched and later do marketing to receive visitors and funds.

    Good luck
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      Originally Posted by naviown View Post

      if the idea is good, you should receive traffic and funds.

      I think Kickstarter is one of those websites which definately isn't a case of 'Build it and they will come'.

      It's something that provides a 'husk' host platform and then you need to go all out to promote it for it to achieve anything.
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    Most of the successful campaigns are heavily promoted before they ever launch. Throwing a crowdfunding campaign against the wall and seeing if it sticks rarely works out. Your best bet for helping your friend out is taking it to where his target customers visit online. There are no magic sites where you can promote any crowdfunding campaign and hope to achieve any real success. Your friend should find some people who have had multiple successful campaigns and study what they did.

    My favorite example is Paul Wheaton

    He has had multiple successful Kickstarter campaigns and is very worthy of studying. The first secret is he had a large following to start with, which is often almost a requirement to succeed in crowdfunding.
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    Ensure you pitch is different than others
    Video content works

    Your first go to market is friends and family. Without them it would be difficult to get the word out

    Once that is done, explore FB and Insta ads. They are cheap. You just need to ensure your targeting is right

    Try and get some earned media coverage that could then be used in your promotion campaign
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    Hi there!

    Interesting thread here! What about to promote your website to sell your brand products while you are running a crowdfunding campaign for a new product?

    I'm running an sneakers ecommerce branded "SENSEMESURA" for a year, honestly not very successfully. I bet for quality instead of price, so our sneakers need branding to take off. So, I have decided to start a crowdfunding campaign with a very interesting new concept of vegan, recycled, organic sneaker to get some brand awareness.

    Here is my question:

    Which strategy is recommended to have in a running ecommerce website during a crowdfunding campaign???

    - Should I Invest in conversion on FB and Google Ads?
    - Should I try to get lead from emails?
    - Any SEO Tip to get more visits?

    Thanks in advance!
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    All you have to do is to find the video bloggers (at least 3) before you even launch the project, pay them or arrange your option, let them do video review of your product/idea. Once they post it, then launch your project. Done.
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    Actually there is a number ways to start a crowdfunding campaign. And you can develop a platform for your campaign. So that the lenders can lend the funds in the platform and also you can give the details about the platform and the step by step process in the fundraising works.
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    What is your kickstarter campaign all about? Atleast give us an info on what is it so we could give you a better recommendation.

    If it's for a good cause, social media marketing and reaching out to social media influencers are the way to go.

    nothing beats fast traffic and targeted audience
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