Best options to get traffic to a race helmet designer website?

by Neo3
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I am setting up a website that allows race drivers (mostly kart racers) to design their own custom helmet graphics designs - online with a visual builder.
I am offering free templates and also paid templates and offer to "buy out" the configured designs from the database.
I am not sure how to do the marketing, how to bring more people, targeted people to visit the site.
Solo ads are more for internet marketing niches as I see. How about influencers? Never tried, but might be a good option?
I tried Facebook ads, but did not really bring the results, no sales generated - I'm sure I was not targeting correctly, advertising to the right market, etc.
thanks for your suggestions in advance!
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    Try something like BSG
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      Thanks for your reply. Could you please specify what is BSG?
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    So we know one thing for sure that people who would be interested in your service/website should be racers and best would be if they are cart racers. So you need to look where such people are hanging.

    Maybe try to join some racing forums, cart racing forums and participate in the forum. Maybe they allow to put a link in signature. Google cart racing forums, racing forums and similar stuff and take a look inside.

    Also, maybe try to find racing facebook groups?
    Another idea is to create a blog about cart racing and regulary post high quality articles, this way you will start receiving organic traffic.

    Instagram is good idea, try to find instagram influencers who have few thousands followers and contact he and explain what you need.
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      Thank you for your reply and suggestions, naviown!

      I'm on facebook, have a page with around 1100 followers. Not very active ones, though.

      Some time ago I did forum posts, but I always felt that it is spamming, for some reason. I wrote in threads where people asked for designer referrals, etc.

      Re Facebook groups: yes, there are many facebook groups for karters. They mostly talk about the karts itself: how to gear them up, and tuning and etc. And also where to go racing, where's the next race is and so on. It is hard to get into their conversions - and even more difficult as I'm a girl myself

      I think influencers would be a nice way and also blogging. Do you have any idea where I can look for influencers in this niche?
      Thanks again!
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    Try Youtube ads. You can pick which videos to run your ads on.

    You could also set up your own channel and advertise your service through your vids. You could also recommend other products.

    A lot of people watch racing of all types on YT. Check out "Danger Boy" Brian Deegan's channel
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    It all starts and ends with your market.

    Once you know *exactly* who you're targeting, finding them becomes a lot easier.

    I imagine most race (kart) drivers are young dudes, possibly even teenagers. In this case, it might be worth having a mooch on Instagram and searching for influencers there for a paid shoutout.

    Same thing with YouTube.

    Just my 2 cents.
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      Dan, thank you - do you know a website where I could look for insta influencers?
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    Look at the World Karting Association and find where local tracks are. Advertise at the local level and maybe on the WKA website or get your link there. Put up some sponsorship money for a race and let the track advertise your site in their promos in exchange.

    Something else to consider find the top guy at the track and offer to do his helmet graphics for free. Let him promote your designs thru out the racing season since you did his helmets. Usually other racers what what the best have.

    If the local tracks have a racers flea market show up there with your graphics and put a flyer out and talk to the racers. Get well known with a few and you may get some sales.

    Look to see if any tracks have a program and advertise there. I have a few more ideas but your add spend will go up fast.
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    Thank you so much everyone!
    Can you share a website where I could look for instagram influencers? I would definitely try that.
    Also the cooperation with the racing tracks seem like an interesting option. Thanks again for your time and help!
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