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I want to make a quiz for skin care to capture emails, but don't know where to get the questions from?
Can I buy ready made skin care lead quiz?
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    Maybe you could join some health/skincare/beauty forums and research there about what people are talking, what questions forum members are asking, what topics are getting most attention/views.

    I don't think you could buy some skincare lead quiz questions and I don't think it's a good idea. If you serious about it, make a research on the forums and find out the topics.

    Also, make sure that the questions somehow lead the people to the offer which you going to send or promote.

    In other words, dont ask about 'how you protecting your face skin from dry' and later offer foot cream.
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    I doubt you can actually buy a quiz, best bet is that you collect information and formulate useful questions to use. Try to make questions that interest and inform people.
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    Try this:

    Go to AnswerThePublic.com and type skincare into the search.

    After a few seconds you'll have loads of questions people ask about skincare.

    You could also look on beauty forums, facebook groups, comments on beauty blogs or beauty YouTube channels, and Quora for more ideas.
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    It is called niche research. When you do your research you will know what your potential audience is asking


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