it's ok even you don't have a website but you can drive traffic?

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what the best website that can drive traffic specially if you don't have yet website?
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    Many marketers make money off the Internet even without a website

    They use Web 2.0 sites for their links and use Parasite SEO for traffic

    Still, if you want a SUSTAINABLE business, it's a good idea to blow the $50 on an actual website

    You'll also qualify for more affiliate programs
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      Yes, Your are right. If you don't have a budget for the website you can use high authority web2.0 site to create your free site.
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    I think if we have a small business, or we do B2B service based on our relationship, maybe we do not need a website
    But if we want to bigger, serve a large of customers, a website is must have
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    It depends on what you are trying to promote.
    Do you need REAL people visiting your site?
    Do you need sign-ups for your networking/MLM program? >>>
    PM me!
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  • You can drive traffic without website if you don't want to rely on SEO, but it is better to have landing page to capture leads. Leads are not cheap nowadays.
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    Let me give u a simple example: I have a lot of android apps but never had any real website. I drive traffic to my apps directly. My website was creates like 4-5 years back and I haven't done anything on it since last cpl of years.

    To sum it up, it depends on your business models. My business model doesn't requires me to have a website to drive traffic to my apps. Other business models do require you to have a website.
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    most on this forum was an affiliate marketers?you guys said that web 2.0 site is free for the links we share but it's ok to the developer, they don't block the links or your free site cannot block?thanks
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