Confused about what I should do with my Site - PLEASE HELP

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Hey everyone

My website is nearly a year old

I promote Clickbank Products and have made sales

This month I have made near $150

I bounce around on page 2 and 3 for "product review" KW

But now that I think of it, I believe my website is too broad

For example say you're promoting Dog training product

Would you build a website which is about Dogs and everything about them or would you just specifically talk about Dog training

You see, I'm in the pet niche and I'm promoting 3 different products but my website has everything to do with that particular animal if that makes sense

I think that is why I'm only getting under 30 organic searches per day and it's going to be a year in April!

I'm thinking I should just let this site sit and create a new website that targets a specific niche

I don't know! I'm so confused lol

My articles vary so much

Without giving my niche away here's a example and I'll use Danny Dog training for arguments sake

So say I'm promoting dog training product - I got articles that support this product that link back to my review right

But then I got articles on how to talk to your Dog, how to keep them stress free, how to train them on the leash etc etc

You see how broad it becomes

Hope that makes sense

Other option is I can just sell this site and then start all over but I was just saying to the Mrs I put so much effort into this it's like my baby and can't let it go Lol

Hence I've turned to seek advice from you experience Internet Marketers
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    Have you considered investing a moderate amount in paid ads? You already have content, so that's great. You can drive people to the problem-based content (that is, what they are searching for -- make sure the ad headline contains the search terms) and display your products there. You can also ask for their email address so you can continue to follow up with them with your content, building trust and relationship. You already have made some sales -- are you following up with them via email? They are a warm audience, already!

    The dog community is passionate, so if you have what they need, then they'll take a look. Organic traffic through just SEO is not easy to build, especially if you don't have anyone else promoting your stuff. It takes time, so it's not really "free." So try driving traffic via google ads, Facebook ads or YouTube, depending on what you're comfortable with.
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    Maybe you could try to compile a really great Ebook that you offer your audience for free in exchange for their emails. I think you will have greater success at pitching your email list with that product, while still delivering to them great valuable content.

    By giving them something valuable, they will receive your offer with an open heart. I know you already offer information, in form of articles, but a free ebook sounds like a bigger gift.

    I wouldn't give up on your website anyway! If it's making money, it can be scaled up.

    Think of other ways to grow your audience. Since you are in a dog business, why not grow an Instagram and Facebook audience with their cuteness? I am sure that not many of them will be interested in buying that product, but some will. And at some point, all you have to do is to post 1 picture a day to keep the ball running. It's worth a shot!

    Hope this helps.
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