The biggest problem I have now is new project ideas...

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I was going through some learning material today and I got a big aha moment out of that. In today’s business scenario, opportunities are the biggest problems. William James, a famous psychologist said… “The most important thing is life is to know when to forego an opportunity” I was thinking this in terms of internet marketing and it seems to make sense. I would have achieved a lot more if I had let go some opportunities which came my way and focused only on the most important ones. This is not an industrial age, this is the information age. There is a lot of free and paid information strewn around which brings in a view of zillions of opportunities.

Our work lies in determining which is the best opportunity, and focusing on that and not allowing the other seemingly million dollar opportunities to slip away. Remember the saying, don’t chase 2 rabbits and you will end up catching none. Now what if there are 100 rabbits, 1000 rabbits!

Action Step: I am going to sell off some domains which I have saved for ‘big ideas’ and I am going to liquidate some of the low profitable websites which is taking too much of my time but generating very little value and profit. I have decided to focus all my energy on writing content for one blog which I hold with a lot of passion!
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    I think there's a lot to be said for letting the peripheral stuff fall by the wayside and focusing like a laser beam on the core stuff. I often fight the same tendency you've brought up here. If it isn't this, it's "analysis paralysis." I get that bug really bad from time to time. Can't do anything productive. It's like a mental illness.

    Thanks for bringing this up. I've thought of a few things I need to just let go and re-focus my energies on what really matters.

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