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Just want to recommend two threads that beginner and even seasoned marketers may find interesting. I find them to be 'interesting' as well as being 'quality threads' by seasoned marketers.

This is not limited to just the two threads as being the only 'interesting' as well as being 'quality threads' because there are tons of 'interesting' and 'quality threads' started by other marketers. In recent times these two stand-out to me and I thinks the Original Posters are what I call Influencers meant in a good way.

1. $40 to $250 in hopefully 30 days on eBay

Looking to start an online business with relatively low start-up costs that will lead to a full-time or supplemental income? I know for a fact this is going to make a difference in some people's life. Read this now.

2. < [[ PROOF ] ]> See how I get my "first 10,000 Youtube Subscribers"
Michael Meaney

Looking for the best ways to increase your subscribers and even start a list of subscribers? This works! Read this now.
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