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Right now here is what I do for keyword research. I use the free google tool, I generate a ton of keywords and put them into an excel file. Then I type each one of those into the seo book from firefox to see how many searches they get and then put them into quotes in google to see the competition. Its just something I got used to but its taking WAY too much time.

Can someone recommend a better tool. Or one of their favorites?
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    We are using Nichebot mainly for the combination of access to tools, although we tend to use Wordtracker from inside Nichebot mostly.

    Now that Google has released absolute search volumes we are using that a lot more, if only to validate the search volume numbers from Nichebot, but it also digs up other keywords that Nichebot/Wordtracker doesn't.

    What I like about Nichebot (and this I guess is true of Wordtracker if you use that directly) is the KEI calculation, mainly because it's a pain-in-the-a to do by hand for a stack of keywords.

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    I mostly use "Keyword Elite", but I have to admit that "Market Samurai" is shaping up to be a significant tool, as well.


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    My favorite free tool... would be the free Google External Tool.

    Favorite tool overall is Market Samurai... hands down (and I've used most of the mass market products).

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      I've used Nichebot, but it gives back HIGHlY inaccurate readings, as I just compare their data to google's and some numbers were so way off it was scary!

      I once typed in a keyword, where N-bot came back with 975 searches for that word and then I went to Google and found out that for the same word - it showed 14000 + searches!

      Nichebot has a couple of features that aren't too bad and they have a nifty word sorage/management system, but they depend on both Wordtracker's and Keyword Discovery's API's and even the owner of Nichebot has admitted and said that their data is obtained from a mere 0.63% of the world's searches - that's like a grain of sand!

      Market Samurai gets their data straight from Google and like somebody else mentioned already, it is shaping up to be some real monster of a tool. It just came out a couple of months ago and has made a splash, but just give them a couple more months to iron out the kinks and it'll be one of the big heavy-hitters out there.

      Type in 'keyword tools' in the search box on the forum, because just a couple of weeks ago, there was a long list of suggestions regarding this topic - I think that there were actually a couple of different threads on this within the last month.

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        My favorite KW tool is MNF or Micro Niche Finder. One I find several good KW then I use free google KW tool and then check out the trends with google insights. That is how I determine a hot growing niche.
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    I have previously used Wordtracker/gtrends but now I am using Market Samurai.
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      Here is the list of Keyword tool & softwares i have used earlier

      Wordtracker,keyword discovery,Nichebot,keyword elite,adwords analyzer,Market samurai & Micro niche finder. But google free keyword tool is the winner. Nothing can beat it.

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    Lots of suggestions for market samurai! I think im gonna purchase it right now as ending today is the 43% discount for 30dc members. Thanks everyone!
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    Market Samurai is worth ten times the price and yesterday they announced some amazing additional features to be implemented very soon.

    My guys tell me it saves them so much time...literally days of research that they would otherwise do by themselves is done in an matter of minutes.

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    Definitely recommend keyword elite.

    It shows you how many people are running google adwords campaigns, how much the cost per click, the searches, the competition and even your competitions' websites.

    Of course it shows the results and related phrases as well.

    I've used it and will use it and is what I recommend.

    Keyword elite gives you data you'd never get with any of the free tools.
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