Need Help with deciding what to do with 37 aged domain names

by jsnbiz
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Hello, Have you ever heard of BANS sites? I have about 37 old BANS sites that no longer make any income. I am trying to figure out if I should try and build new Ebay style used sites or simply sell my domains in bulk. I don't want to sell one at a time plus I think the stronger names will help me sell some of the less attractive domains. Any advice on where or how I should sell all my domains or advice on what to do with the domains to build out new sites? I haven't done anything with these sites for several years now. It's time to make something from them.


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    I would drop them all and find another way to make money online. How much time per day do you spend on them all? Every month that you keep these 37 domain names.... are you getting charged per month or per year for them?
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      I don't spend anytime on them. I am paying per year for the domains. I started looking at GoDaddy Domain Values and they all range from $500 to $1000 in estimated value;.
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    Honestly, I have no idea about BANS sites.

    All I can say is, if they are registered at namesilo, godaddy, dynadot or any other registrar that has a marketplace, you can just mass auction them? Flippa is also an option for mass selling a domain portfolio.

    You can list them all for auction and hope for the best. If any of your domains have decent metrics, are aged and not spammed, you will likely get a buyer. I think it costs $5 for a GoDaddy auction membership.

    Finally, if your sites have decent metrics (Ahrefs stats, Majestic TF/CF, backlinks), there are some internet marketing forums that will allow u to sell them for a marginal fee.

    Then again I have no idea what BANS sites are but this is the advice I would give to anyone looking to get rid of domains.

    As for what else you can do with them, you'll have to tell me what BANS domains are.
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    I think they're largely worthless. If you put a new site on them Google will say, huh, it's a new site.

    They might be useful if they get referral traffic in a particular niche. But my experience has been that domain names lose their value once you put a new site on them.
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    I started looking at GoDaddy Domain Values and they all range from $500 to $1000 in estimated value
    GD's value estimator is worthless.

    Have you ever heard of BANS sites?
    No, and apparently Google hasn't either. Please explain.
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    I remember the Build A Niche Sites. I only had one and rebuilt it with wordpress. I added content and made a little money, but that was my fault because I treated it as a hobby. I am guessing that yours have no content? Back then you didn't need it.
    It would take a lot of time and money to rebuild them all and add content. I would think hard before just tossing them. You might be up for the challenge.
    Check out Nick Carty here on the forum. I think he said he has 42 websites with little or no content. Says it's the qty of sites and collectively he makes a nice monthly income. Azon Blog Builder. No affiliation.
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    You were paying every year a fee for your 35 domains?
    Sell them on a forums which have a free listing
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    Flippa listing costs $25, u can try and mass auction them. Even if some of the domains are worth a lot, serious bidding can make ur listing go into 4-5 figures easily.

    U just have to try.
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    Thank you all for responding. BANS sites are ebay affiliate sites. Years ago when ebay partner network was good I was able to make a few $1,000 per month. Now the sites just sit and earn $0. All the domains are based on used products. I don't really have the time and patience to build out 30plus sites anymore. If I can sell them all in bulk that would be ideal. If there was a easy to build amazon sites I might consider it if I could figure out how to make money in this day and age.
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    If the sites are old BANS sites, they are worthless. You said it yourself. They make no money.

    All you have left is the domain. If any of them are truly good domains, you can sell them to domain speculators on the forum. But you won't be able to sell them in one package, you will have to sell them one-by-one most likely.

    You can also list them on When you list on Afternic, your offer will show up on a network of other sites, including godaddy (who now owns afternic). Again, you have to list them as single domains, not a package.

    About Godaddy appraisal tool and Estibot appraisal tool. They are largely worthless. However, they do have a use. And here's the bad news. If those tools are telling you your domains are worth 500-1K each, then those are largly crappy domain names. You might sell them for a couple hundred or even as lows as $XX.
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    Thank you for the info and advice. I will check out and I will test the waters with a few domains and see what happens. A couple of hundred is better then nothing at this point.
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    Is there good free tool available that can give a decent appraisal for a domain?
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    No, there is no such thing. The most widely used are estibot and godaddy and they are worthless for the most part. There is no way a a website script can really tell you the worth of a domain. Besides there are 3 different values for a doain...

    1. Value to a serious end-user
    2. Value to a hobby end-user
    3. Value to a domainer (aka domain speculator aka reseller aka wholesaler). this is a person who buys and sells domain names much like one buys & sells stocks.

    Also, realize that if a domain is getting targeted traffic and you can prove it's targeted traffic, this obviously increases it's value. But if they have no traffic, then all you have to go on in the intrinsic value of the name, it's length, # of keywords, the TLD, the niche, etc.

    What I would do is go to namepros forum and list your domains in the appraisal section, giving any specifics about any traffic they are getting and whatnot. But don't list them all in one thread. List only 2 or 3 per appraisal thread and if any are related in niche, list those together. The website is worthless since you say they make no money so you just want domain appraisals.
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    The thing about appraisal tools is this. You can always bank on the actual value being lower, but sometimes it might be higher. However in most cases the value is much lower. Here's a rough gauge...

    Appraisal vs Actual Value

    $100 = worthless
    $500-1000 = Low $XXX max
    $3000-5000 = Low $X,XXX max
    $10000-20000 = Mid X,XXX max

    And so on. This is about as much you can really get from an appraisal tool. Pretty much worthless but you can sort of gauge it to a degree if you get your head out of the clouds realize that it's all BS lol.
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    Thank you. I am going to namepros and see what I can find out. I know some of my domains have value since they are keyword rich and over 10yrs old. I appreciate the help.
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      Originally Posted by jsnbiz View Post

      I know some of my domains have value since they are keyword rich and over 10yrs old.
      I kinda figured that since they were BANS sites. Good, keyword rich .COM domains were easy to come by back then without buying from a reseller. The 10 year domain age helps, too.

      You have me interested now. lol

      Just remember that the folks at Namepros are resellers and can be pretty myopic, meaning some of them tend to give appraisals from a resellers point of view. So some appraisals are kinda low. I would ask to appraise from end user point of view. But if you have 1- or 2-word .COMs in in-demand niches, usually people do give more appropriate appraisals.

      But they are just people. In the end, what you get for your domains is up to market forces and putting them in front of the right people at the right time. Sometimes outbound sales is a must in order to get max sale price. Meaning you have to send out emails and phone calls to prospective buyers. If you're not willing to outbound, then you either have to settle for a lower sale price or wait a longer time to get the higher price. It really depends on the domain and the niche.
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    Thank you MSutton, I am going to list of the domains on afternic and see how it goes. I called them up and I like that they have customer service etc. I appreciate the help. What is your main source of revenue? Do you buy and sell domains or do you have affiliate sites etc?
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