Reading PDFs on Phone

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Hi, is there an easy way to read PDFs on a smartphone?

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    I downloaded Adobe PDF reader and it works fine. Google, through Docs or Drive not sure, also has a built in PDF viewer.

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      With Adobe Acrobat the print is too small to read. You have to zoom in and move left to right etc... to read. Is there an app that will adjust the PDF with large font that wraps to fit in your phone?

      I want to create a brandable PDF promoting phone apps but they need to read it on their phone to download the apps so I get credit for the referrals.

      I need a really simple way to encourage people to read the PDF on their phone. Right now Acrobat seems to hard.


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    Try to find any apps from your smartphone with this keyword "pdf reader" or "free pdf reader" ... Hope it helps!

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    Adobe PDF is available on Android and Iphone. So, it should be easy to read. I use ot on daily basis with no problems.
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    I do not think what you want is possible. It is like reading on a kindle. if submitted in accepted formats the doc will adjust to whatever the user settings is on the device. Except for PDF's

    You might want to consider creating these for kindle that way users can just get the free kindle ap for android.

    Maybe publishing in .mobi or .epub formats could be a solution


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      Thanks Al, that is a good option. I will think about that.
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    Hi, if anyone has a solution to this problem kindly post it here i am in need of it.
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    Just to think about this question in a different way...

    When I first saw the post title I thought about the word "read" with one of its other definitions.

    Amazon Polly will read aloud. And it's super cheap.

    An app idea for someone...get Polly to read the pdf.

    Now you can "read the pdf on your phone." It'll be slower, sure, but you won't be squinting at tiny text on a tiny screen.
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