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Hey everybody,
I wanted to do a free plus shipping offer for a digital download. But how can I justify asking people to pay for shipping on an eBook? Maybe say it's for processing costs? Any ideas? Thanks!
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    What are you trying to achieve with this tactic? Free plus shipping is usually used with a physical product primarily as a lead-gathering exercise. If you're after email addresses, consider offering the eBook for free in return for an opt-in to a subscriber list.

    On the other hand, if this is just a way to appear not to be charging for the product, I'd suggest you think again. It doesn't display much confidence in the value of what you're offering.

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    So I get you want to make the ebook identify as free but I don't think disguising another fee is the best way. If you are trying to gather emails I think it is better to do one or the other, offer it for free for emails or just offer for a price.
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    The whole "reason" behind an ebook product is instant access. If they wanted a physical version of the ebook, they would accept a shipping cost - along with a tangible product. But charging an instant download fee makes no sense. Rethink your strategy of what you want to do with your product.

    Hey, you could always increase the price of the ebook!!??
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    You mean a physical book. Ebooks are intangibles which inherently don't require shipping.

    If you're looking to do a Free + Shipping physical book offer make sure to have a solid backend consisting of upsells, cross-sells, etc... and also a plan to market to the addresses that you'll get, to justify the inevitable increase in cost of customer acquisition from asking for their addresses rather than instant downloads.
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    Either charge for the eBook or make it free as a way of growing your email list. Free+Shipping only works for physical products that are actually shipped and you'll lose the trust of people immediately trying to pull that junk with an eBook.
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    Originally Posted by Davidguy416 View Post

    . . . how can I justify asking people to pay for shipping on an eBook?

    Simply put . . . you can't . . . so don't do it.

    What you might think about however, is adding something to your offer that is tangible, closely related to the topic of your ebook, and something that has easily recognized and inherent value that has to be shipped. Then you can justify charging a shipping fee.

    Just off the top of my head, some items you might consider are:
    - a printed calendar with your book's cover image and your logo
    - a T-shirt with a related image (or your business logo)
    - notecards (can be produced very inexpensively) with a topical image
    - branded bookmarks, notepad, coasters
    - any promotional items (Google: "swag")

    The idea, of course, is to include inexpensive but usable/valuable items that are easy to ship and that you could use in your business in other ways so that you keep the per/item cost to a minimum.

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    Why did you create the ebook ... what are you trying to accomplish with it?

    To try and make money or use for lead gen?
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    I suggest you don't do it, OP.

    Today's online consumers are VERY SAVVY. The old tricks no longer apply.

    They will BURN your brand if they get any kind of hint that you're trying to pull a fast one
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    But how can I justify asking people to pay for shipping on an eBook? Maybe say it's for processing costs? Any ideas?
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    Free + Shipping is only justified with Physical form of Book. For digital download it won't make any sense at all.

    Better to sell it at fixed price..using Facebook ads..Or just post in some related group to get feedback..
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    The fastest way to earn a bad reputation is to attempt to do this strategy! You will quickly be ousted from Internet Marketing like you are the black plague!
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