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This is albin and guys i have a question for all of you.
I want to know if this name is a good name for creating a brand in the fitness niche?
During the last days i have been struggling to find a good name, and since i already posses this domain i am not sure if this is going to work as a good name in the fitness niche. Taking into consideration the fact that FIT stands for Fitness and Exotic for a free spirit and open minded in this niche i believe that for me this would work well but please guys i need your feedback on this. If you have any suggestion for a name let me know as well.
Thank you
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    If your main objective is getting search traffic it might be a consideration. A lot of successful brands have nothing to do with their market.
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    Any domain name can work ... however, I personally believe you are on the right track with exploring the possibilities before you commit to one domain.

    You're not going to find a one word dot com domain name unless it is something "made up" (not a dictionary word) and I don't recommend that unless you're a good seasoned marketer.

    A two-word name that is descriptive of the topic of the domain is a good choice and I believe the main keyword at the front of the domain is best, just as you have it now.

    If possible, you want the domain short, memorable, easily spelled, and different in the niche than other businesses. I personally only register dot com names - they are the preferred standard for commercial businesses. If you ever decide to sell your site, you will be glad it sits on a dot com.

    The only hesitation I have about the name is the term "exotic." That word has several meanings including:
    • of foreign origin (which is not relevant in your case)
    • experimental or new in nature (which is most likely not your site)
    • strikingly unusual or strange (probably not your site either)
    • relating to or involving stripteasing (probably not your site)
    So, just off the top of my head, I would say your definition of "exotic" (free spirit or open minded) is probably not appropriate here unless what you offer is something unique, new, strange, or experimental. Is that the case? If so, then maybe "fitexotic" works. If not - if what you offer is not unique or new - then, to me at least, the term doesn't really fit.

    Just one other caution: "exotic" is very close to "erotic" which has sexual overtones that probably aren't appropriate. Confusing the terms could become a problem for some search engines and other advertisers that blacklist businesses of that nature. Just something to take into consideration as you decide what to do ...

    You might want to check LeanDomainSearch and Impossibility - they are two domain name search sites that help you to see which dot coms are available to register (using "fit" as your main keyword).

    The very best to you,


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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      This is really halpful for me.
      Thank you so much.
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  • It is ok if the domain name is unique, not too long and easy to remember. Also, the domain name should reflect the type of content you are going to present to the audience.
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    That domain can absolutely work for fitness, I think it matters more that you fit your content or product to the brand you want to create with it.
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    Originally Posted by AlbinR View Post

    This is albin and guys i have a question for all of you.
    I want to know if this name is a good name for creating a brand in the fitness niche?
    "Brands" aren't built just by a fancy name. Brands are built by results - that result in other people telling other people all about your business/service.

    You can either have a favorable "brand" with a group of people, or a disfavorable "brand" due to not having a good product, lack of customers, lack of good marketing, and a wide variety of other factors.

    Build a good website and product and get massive sales, and people will talk about you in multiple advertising mediums online, and people will catch on to your name fast. Example: "Taebo".

    Never rely on a catchy domain name.
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      This is really helpful.
      Thank you
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    It sounds inspiring. Good choice
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    You can create whatever domain name you want to suit and brand yourself.

    So long as your products provide value to the people seeing your site and converting them into customers.

    As to your question of where and how to get them, you may consider Facebook, Instagram or Youtube ads.
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    Don't know how the audience is going to find this name better is to take the idea from brandroot just write category and you would get an idea that what your name would be.
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    I'm anermos completely new over here. But
    I am sure someone will offer some possible solutions soon.
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