How To Do Google My Business without Google+ ?

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I haven't ventured into doing Local Marketing yet, but I offered to help build content for my friend's website, along with basic On Page SEO. She is a tattooist and makes her own artwork and jewellery.

Her site was showing up nowhere in Google, and she told me she had tried to do "Google My Business" but only her 3 or 4 Tattoo competitors were showing on Google's map. So it appears thatshe wasn't able to make Google My business work properly.

I looked at how to set it up and found out that up to now you have to link it to a Google Plus account. I asked her and she didn't know this. She doesn't have Google +.

My questions to the Warriors is: How do I set it up for her, considering Google + is closing down in April 2019?

Should I go ahead and set up Google + for her (or get her to do it) and wait for Google to (hopefully) sort out the transition in April?

Or should I set up Google My Business another way?

Or should I wait til April for new tutorials to show up? She could do with being seen on the map ASAP.

Thank you
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