Is the product launch money train still around? How about Jvnotifypro?

by awledd
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I haven't promoted any product launched in the past 3 yrs. in the early days, it was so hot and I admit it made me several thousands. I was just curious to know if is still hot. I still am on the list of some gurus and I haven't seen the buzz though they still launch products, Also haven't seen any list of leaderboards and prizes given. Is product launch dead or dying?

Not sure the whereabouts of the big guys like Mike Filsaime, Anik Singal, Matt Bacak, John Chow, Chris Farrell ... etc. either.
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    I just promoted the ConversioBot launch. They are actually still giving coupons until Sunday but the main launch is over. A good place to find them is the JVZ ads in the backend. It's mostly software now.


    It's funny how things work out. I just checked my email and found this from Dave Nicholson.

    Michael Cheney is giving you
    100% on every part of the
    funnel (including recurring)
    and it all goes live on Tuesday
    12th March 2019.

    It's called;


    - $2,500 Top #1 JV Prize

    - 100% Commissions On ENTIRE Funnel
    (including 100% Commissions on the
    $27/mo OTO)

    - Upto $83.95 Commission Per Customer

    - $5950 Up For Grab In Cash / Prizes

    See you on the big cash Leaderboard;
    It's on JVZ.
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      Yes JVzoo is one place of product launches. But I am not sure if it is as popular as the old days. The gurus were also talking about server meltdowns on launch days.

      I also remember Matt bacak made the biggest gravity in Clickbank history which was a gravity of more than 2000!

      In those days product launches were so hot that you can post some article on ezinearticles and make some money when your article ranks on Google.
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    But I am not sure if it is as popular as the old days.
    You really have been away.

    Clickbank? I closed my CB account like six years ago.
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    As long as people have credit cards and are looking to better their lives there will always be money with product launches.

    It's all about having the right traffic to the right offer. If you find a product that's launching in a few days and it looks good and you have the traffic, then there's money to be made.
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    go to muncheye vendors list their launches mostly JVzoo and warriorplus


    "Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work." Thomas Edison

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    I am sure product launches are still on the scene but I am sure they are not as hot as in the 2005 - 10 years time. Some product creators used to make 1 million in a day. Cars used to be given away for affiliates. I just feel those days are over.

    I asked because I was far away from them for a long time.
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    There is still good money to be made as a product creator as long as you create quality stuff that people want.

    The days of launching 10 page garbage reports filled with affiliate links and useless info are over. That is good because it has filtered out all the cash grabbers.

    Check out WarriorPlus and JVZoo.
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