My Imgur Link Doesn't go to Where l Want it to

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I have recently found that instead of going to the page it used to go to, (the page with my images) it keeps going to the stupid page with the general images and animations, or in other words advertising).

Tried redoing the link, but it just keeps going to the stupid page with the picture frames, and then adverts page, instead of where it should be going to or the page with my images.

Anyway you guys found to get past this nonsense?

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    hmm it's weird, I just tried and everything is okay. Tried to go to my images and I am able to do it and see all my uploaded images.
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    Ok, l am using Firefox, so l might try clearing out the cookies, but up to now, it always goes to the picture frame page and then advertising page then finally images page.

    It probably has something to do with using them for some time and then ramming advertising down my throat to justify using them for free to stockpile images?

    So justified, but l would rather click once, than three frickin times.

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    Wiped the cookies and it is working fine, thanks.

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