Audio player plugins for Wordpress?

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What are some good audio player plugins for wordpress?

What I want to do is have some static pages that contain a bunch of text, and I'll post an audio version of the material there as well, preferably at the top of the post, so someone can listen while they're reading. I'd also like a link where they can save the file to their disk or MP3 player for listening while jogging.

Assume MP3 format, but I'm not sure it matters.

Also, would it make a difference if the audio is saved on the server vs. on something like Amazon S3?

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    Seems there's a ton of players for wordpress. I'd pick a few of the top-rated ones on, install them, tinker till you like one..then delete the others.

    I'd stick with an mp3 format. Any current portable player can play it, including the Zune, and most CD burning programs will burn it without issue to a standard CD. WMA doesn't gel with iPods, and .wav and .aiff are high quality, but huge downloads that take forever.

    As far as your own server vs S3..that can be a tricky question. It seems with S3's server structure that someone geographically far away from YOUR server could have the file served up faster from S3. However, S3 costs $...not a lot, but enough to consider.

    If you've got loads of monthly data transfer included on your current hosting situation, and the disk space to host the files, use what you have. If you don't I'd think about changing hosting plans to something with a bunch of bandwidth & see if that's going to be cheaper than serving mp3 through S3.

    Also, if you drop the audio quality of an mp3, the file shrinks, and it will affect your monthly data transfer as well. Have you looked at the idea of maybe using a account? The podcasters use them a bunch, you might be able to work a solution with them.

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    Todd, I KNOW there are a BUNCH of them! I just spent 30 minutes reading the descriptions of most of them before I posted here.

    I posted this because I'm trying to bypass having to install and test the ones that won't work for what I'm trying to do, which could be a few and it could be most. I'm sure some folks here have tried some and have some actual experience they'd be willing to share.

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    Maybe you can find some here : WordPress › WordPress Plugins
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      Originally Posted by khairulazan View Post

      Maybe you can find some here : WordPress › WordPress Plugins
      As I said, I already spent 30 minutes surveying the 60+ things that show up on the Wordpress Plugins site when I query for 'mp3'.

      Does anybody here have any experience working with any Wordpress widgets / plugins for playing audios like MP3s?

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    I use audio-player - works well.

    wpaudioplayer dot com
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    Sorry pal...was just trying to help.
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    Well I use Yahoo media player on my site and I think it rocks - its free and it plays mp3s that you link to on your posts automatically.
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    I personally like one pixel audio player. The new beta one is great and allows multiple tracks.

    You can see it at work on my site.

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