Dreams Really Do Come True

by sree94
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On Saturday, I achieved $1000 in sales for the very first time.

I have dreamed of this moment and what it would be like

It wasn't that long ago that I posted on here when I made my first $100 in a day. That seemed so exciting at the time
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    congrats man, keep it up....
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    Well done, Sree!

    I remember your "first $100 day" thread.

    If I recall correctly you were focusing primarily on article marketing, weren't you?

    Have you just scaled that same model up or are you doing something different now?

    Give us some details!
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    Well done! Hard work pays of, time and again.
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    Congrats on the success! Awesome isn't it? Now go for 2k in a day!!!!

    There is nothing like success to springboard you much quicker to the next level!

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    Always happy to read someone having a happy day!

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    Congrats, you've obviously scaled what personally works for you, that's the key isn't it?

    I'll be looking out for your $10,000 post next.

    Well done.
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    Great job i`m just starting out and can`t wait for my 1st £1 Day never mind £1000 Day

    Don`t sell . Participate
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    Big ups man. Nice work.

    Hopefully Ill be posting a similiar thread soon.

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    Way to go! It's great for you and great for those of us who haven't made it there yet. Gave me a boost just to feel that I am on the right track
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    Originally Posted by beamer1959 View Post

    Congratulations! What a great way to go into the weekend! So, are you buying, then?

    Looks like we're actually coming out of the weekend and going into a new week. (You posted @ 3:09 am on Monday).

    Regardless, that's a nice way to start a new week as well.

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    Congratulations! Doesn't it feel good when hard work pays off?! Keep it up.

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    Well done and huge congratulations!
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      I am really surprised at your happiness. Its really amazing to me. Congratulation to you. Wish u such day again and again. How is it possible to make such big amount a day? I am even happy $100 per month. Could u teach me the way plz?
      I will be really grateful to u.

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    Congratulations on reaching your first $1000. It sure feels good when you put in the hard work.

    Keep going and don't stop.

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    Congratulations on your dream coming true. I hope you have more prosperity in the future. Keep up the good work. It's always nice to read about someone doing good.
    Trust God and God Bless You All
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    Keep going to your next goal!

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    Congratulations as well.

    I look forward to the next post when you announce you've made $10,000!


    Michael Cruz
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