Should I change my domain name, permalink structure, or neither?

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I am working on a deals website built on woocommerce and I have an SEO question.

1. We own and Is there a significant benefit to use the url or can we use the simple domain name just the same?

2. Currently my permalink structure is product-category/ and product/ Would it be beneficial to rename the permalink to deals/ and deal/ so that deals is now in the url?

Thanks in advance!
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    I would go with "locolowdeals". Prospects will instantly think "discounted prices" from the word 'deals'. As far as the permalink, go with "deals/deal" for the sake of the customer - not the search engine.
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    Include the keyword (deals) at the beginning. After you become a notable and know brand, strip the keyword from your domain. It's very easy to redirect domain to domain.

    Put "deals" in your url, too.
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