Do people still buy ready made websites?

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Hi, fellow Warriors!

We all know people love buying "instant solutions" ("just add water" kinda thing).

Back in the day, some vendors here were offering ready made niche websites. For example, "weight loss website", "dog training website", etc. They would create one such website once (content included) - and then sell it in template form to hundreds of customers.

This would appear to be an affordable instant solution with "mass appeal": Niche already chosen. Content already written. Theme already configured. Plugins already chosen and integrated.

Those types of offers were pretty popular.

I understand the "best" way for someone to build a niche website is to have 100% unique content of their own. Duplicate content means these websites probably couldn't get much Google traffic as they are.

But what about people who don't have the time, energy or skills to create content, choose plugins, customize a theme, etc?

In that case, buying a turnkey website would give someone a head start and a basis to work from. They could then maybe rewrite the content, build backlinks, promote on Facebook, etc.

My question is:

How come I don't see these type of offers around today?

Thanks in advance!
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    I think there are 2 important reasons for not seeing those things anymore.

    1. People don't like them. People that shop online have already a high sensor to something that is copied or something that is too salesly. If they didn't convert well, which is what I believe, they dropped in popularity. And since no one wanted ready-to-launch websites anymore, folks stopped offering them.

    2. Google doesn't like them either. Investing in something that will need constant paid traffic doesn't sound like a business model. People prefer to buy custom-made landing pages from world-class copywriters that will make sure to produce something worth your investment. No writer worth their salt considers text templates something good, and the same goes for buyers and Google. Even having the same template can be a cause for deranking in Google.

    I know the potential to get something like this sounds cheaper than having to build something original, but there is a reason it is cheaper. It's worthless, and I personally haven't seen one template like this that was looking good or sounded good.

    You can write your own 200 words article and be more successful than with one of these things.

    Maybe it was something it worked in 2003, but not anymore.
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    Yes I have bought starter sites from Flippa for as low as $97- $157 and have made money from them. People buy them all the time from Flippa and other marketplaces.
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    Yep, people still buy it. But things have changed a bit. For example, now it's huge hype around Shopify & dropshipping, so a lot of people just make Shopify stores and sell them, despite it's not too difficult to make it.
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    i have..its pretty common
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    If you go on the exchange on shopify there are hundreds on starter stores for sale.
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  • These type of offers are less because they still need to be modified and maintenance in order to get decent flow of organic traffic nowadays. Those existing websites or stores with domain that already have traffic and sales are more popular today. Other than that, people are also buying ready-made sales page or sales funnel that need no maintenance.
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    Mostly, we can get ready-made websites for every critical situation nowadays. search Engine optimization like Google helps us in every filed.
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    yes multiple number of people buy websites
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    People still buy ready-made anything. We as humans rather not deal with the work or just don't have the time to put together a website. For this reason, we rather just buy them and start from there.

    Always remember anything that makes it easier will sell. The problem is most people want a website but don't know how to set up one or lack the time. You build it and sell it.
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    Its still there but you can see in molded form in WF. for example some one already have templates but he will offer you in $120 per site where he add 5 unique articles in that template. Rest is same.
    Also you can find these templates easily on flippa. They are still selling. Now you know why?
    because there are still sources where you can get traffic on them .
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    I still see people buying them. As long as there is a new beginner to the complex subject of marketing a website on the internet... people will always be drawn to the idea of have all the hard work "done-for-you", and will happily accept any templates that shorten their website development and learning curve.
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