Webinar funnel sells high ticket services?

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Hi warriors,

to sell high ticket services, like above the $2500 price tag, a webinar funnel is needed.
What is your experience to sell high ticket only through webinars?

Sell high ticket through webinar without needed to doing phone calls. I not find answer in google on this question. Some people say this not works above $2500 offers.....

My thought was that B2B leads subscribe to an webinar funnel series, so they see you live in action and then sell high ticket after the webinar.

Is this possible without doing phone calls? Or as an alternative option:
After the webinar funnel series, let people can book a 30 minute 1:1 Live Chat session.

Will that be an option to sell high ticket services without close the deal with phone calls?

Do you warriors have experience in this?

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    Hi Marco,

    You may want to checkout what Brett McFall is doing in the B2B high ticket webinar space.

    I was part of a conversation over lunch at a digital marketing conference last year and he was explaining his webinar that sells 10k Program.

    He did explain he runs it all on evergreen but the close is usually done over the phone wit a consultant after the webinar.

    Maybe subscribe to a few of the funnels he has got going on and learn by experiencing how he pitches the sale.

    Just look for his name dot com and you'll easily be able to find and opt-in.

    Best regards,

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    Hi Ozi,

    I not want sell 10k high ticket items...
    Only on the $1900 price range or $2500....

    In one of Dan Loks videos (youtube) he show an automate webinar example from Matt, who sell successfully $2700 offers only through webinar without doing phone calls.

    But I have not have the full name of Matt so I not find him on the net.....
    But I have in mind he gives 3 fold warranty and free 30 day trial (also first month is free) that is a lot.
    Dan Lok say in one of his videos that good webinar funnels sell high ticket offers without phone call who are not above $2000- 2500 price tag.

    I want create video webinar 5 series (pre recorded) and have the idea to put on the end of the webinar a 1:1 Live chat session (30 minutes for free)- to close my deals.

    So I do not know if this method works, so and not have found good information in google about close high ticket deals with Live chat session, the internet is full with information like that: "high ticket services are usually closing by personal phone call"....

    I can not believe that coaches in my price range do personal phone calls to close the $1900 deal.

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      Originally Posted by marco005 View Post

      I can not believe that coaches in my price range do personal phone calls to close the $1900 deal.

      Hi Marco,

      The coach doesn't make the call.

      They have either their PA or a professional phone seller deal with the phone pitch and closing.

      I'm not sure where you were looking in regards to contact pages and webinars not working but depending on your location maybe there is some geo blocking if your area is not being targeted.

      Brett is dong a few live events but you can take a look at the sales page and how he pitches the tickets at $197 but they are free. details here: https://brettmcfall.com/live/

      You don't need to get on the phone to sell but you may find having a system of followups that includes phone calls may improve the conversion rate.

      i'd be testing those things with your system.

      Best regards,

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    Hi Ozi,

    Now I have read the website of Brett his method looks interesting, one to many that is what I want.

    But on his site contact link not work, click on his free seminar banner goes to a page with "webinar is closed"....

    So I must search in google to find more about this method and how to use it to sell my high ticket services.

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    Phone calls help seal the deal. Like a free + shipping offer the response rate will be lower, but the prospect is more likely to be a buyer. An inexpensive product is a good way to create a funnel for the higher price opportunity and the phone call helps to build trust and can confirm that the person is a serious candidate as well. Fewer refunds. Fewer complaints. And less competition for those serious about their marketing aspirations.
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    It's possible to sell a $2k course without webinars too. I've personally bought a course like this and many others have bought the same course. Your sales might be better with a webinar but that could depend on the audience too, you should definitely test both. The most important thing is that you have a great launch sequence and killer pitch.
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    Here's an article you might be interested in. It's from My guys at Clients Oasis. You can checkout the post here: https://www.clientsoasis.com/how-to-...ticket-clients

    It gives a ton of insight on how to sell high-ticket services. But it's geared towards coaches, consultants and service businesses only. If you're doing anything outside these niches, then I'm not sure the Clients Oasis methodology will work for you...

    Source: Clients Oasis
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    Hi warriors.
    thank you for the tips !

    My idea is to make a short 3 part webinar then at the end then straight to the call point= 1 to 1 chat session and then close the deal through this.

    Some saying live chat converts at 20 people = 2 sales... i do not know, only in the 2k price range or higher to 4-5k- I do not know, find information about this marketing method is rare.

    Do the math 20 people live session = 2 sales, so to make a good living I need 50 clients every year.... doing it with live chat session is time consuming.
    That means I must chat live with 250 people (50 sales) each for 20- 30 minutes, that is too time consuming.
    When I can sell in the 4-5k range with this method that will be god's gift for me...

    My webinar is not real Live it is pre-recorded but people see me in that video.
    On the other side to make that whole process automated that will be better when this is possible for the $1900-2500 price range.

    Automate process:
    Make a video webinar 3 part and part Nr.4 is the offer, what the clients gets, benefits, warranty. then straight point them to the buy now page- but does this method works? I do not know...

    And there is the risk for video webinar (3 part) as for free chat strategy session, I give for free and that will not convert...(Dan Lok and Sam Ovens say give that not for free)

    The big business people like Sam Ovens or Dan Lok saying that the call or strategy session or video webinar, that it is a fail to give it for free you will not convert.

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    Ken mentioned his coaching program with his guys at Clients Oasis. I've personally enrolled in one of his coaching programs geared towards high ticket sales. I found it here on the WF and it's been completely life-changing. Paid for my investment over and again.

    Go to his website at Clientsoasis.com and watch his training. Proceed from there to start closing clients at high ticket prices. It's actually an easy process, but lots of so called gurus make the steps seem cumbersome and complicated. Kennedy Cee (Ken) and the guys at clients oasis makes it dead simple with their program.

    Selling at high ticket prices has been my way of life ever since I came in contact with the Clients Oasis coaching program. I'm a long time fan of Kennedy Cee (Ken) since the days he was active in this corner of the internet.

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    You can sell coaching, programs and or whatever for over 2500 through webinars and have done it, but from personal experience, clients and people have worked with and studied, the conversions are always higher when a live phone call is followed up with after webinar or to make sale to potential prospects from webinar.

    You can easily set up an automated or "evergreen" webinar and funnel, however no matter what price range selling at, the personal touch whether be phone call, meeting or whatever, will drive conversions up overall.
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