Which 2-Step Funnel Is Better? (Just Opt In VS Opt In+Revealing Info On First Page)

by GS12
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Hi guys, I'm debating between what Sales Funnel to create for my 2-Step Sales Funnel.

The format would be:

1) Opt In Page

2) Presentation Page

My issue is I am debating between revealing the "About Us", "FAQ", "Benefits" copy on the OPT-IN PAGE.. instead of the Presentation Page. OR should I just keep it as a simple Opt-In Page that teases them by asking them for their email to get all the juicy info on the next page?

This is for Affiliate Marketing for a Cryptocurrency Bot (Similar to a FOREX bot). My goal is to get them to sign up for free to use theft on the Presentation Page with my ref link.

Any input would be greatly appreciated!
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    I think you just need to test it and see what works best for you. We can't tell which one is better, because both can work well. You need just test simple optin page, check what optin rate you get, check what open/click rate you get, what is conversion rate.
    And also test everything with a presentation page and check the same stats, so you would know which one is performing the best.
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    Get the email.

    That should be the only purpose of the squeeze page.
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  • You're prob'ly overthinking it.

    There's only one job for a sq page; to get the email. Do that first, then do whatever else you desire... second.
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    Yeah... Just keep it simple, An attractive opt-in page with a big bold headline, a few bullet points, space for your prospect to put in their email with a Button, that leads to a thank you page with a countdown timer that displays your sales page/presentation page when the timer runs out.....that's about it!
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    Keep it simple make some good info points and get that email first.
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    I would go with the opt-in page, present the offer via redirect, but mainly focus on converting them via email. Some will buy immediately after the opt-in page - but not most. To get most, stick with followup email marketing.
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