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by django
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Hi all,

We had to close our service few months ago and an idea of opening a blog popped up to give value to our audience and to earn money through affiliate marketing.

We have built a mailing list which is frozen by now so we must warm it up a bit.

The site still gets organic traffic we could be using towards the blog.

Would like to hear your thoughts on how to make this transition and how to revive the audience we used to have.

We're newbies in affiliate marketing so feel free to say anything, we promise to learn.

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    Hello django,

    I'm not sure to fully understand, are you saying that even though you have closed your service (it would be important to know what it was if you want concrete help) you now want to restart to pitch your old clients?

    What are you doing with the "organic traffic" you are still receiving?
    Since how long have you closed the service?
    And. have you been communicating with your clients since then?

    Like I said, telling what audience you have and the circumstances in which you have closed the service, if you want to use the list of old clients, might help to find a strategy to "revive" that audience if possible.

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    Yes, we want to restart pitching to old clients but now to offer value in terms of content and not by providing the service we had to shutdown.

    We want to use our authority to leverage it for affiliate marketing.

    We haven't communicated to our users after we closed 4 month ago.

    Would like to hear your thoughts on how to leverage the current position.

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    I think firstly you need just start creating high-quality content for your blog. You can also send these article/content to your list so they would receive interesting content without required to do ny action, just totally free content.

    Do not start to promote affiliate products to your list right away, as it would make damage to your list, start slowly with good info, send few emails per week and increase email number as time goes.

    I think best is just to create super quality info and your visitors and your list will fall in love again with you.
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