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Good morning warriors!

I followed your advice (or the aggregate of your advice) on conducting an analysis on my SEO boosting work.

I presented my findings to my boss some of my info and I outlined our teams success etc. I was wrong on some of my info but he told me so and explained why.

I used that discussion to say "hey I worked on this project for x time. I like doing this work I want to get into sales. I want to wright copy for you. I want to make campaigns"

His response?

The just was " You have no experience, I can't coddle you. But if you get Gung ho about this and are ready to learn Facebook inside and out we can pay for a training program, and get you started. I need someone who knows this."

His biz makes 5 figures a month selling info products. I feel like this is a pretty good place to start. I can learn allot and make $ along the way.

That being said I need to self teach myself facebook and infusion soft to show him I'm serious! Theres too much information out there to sort through and allot of it is fluff garbage.

What's a good place for self study regarding running paid facebook ad campaigns? I've already seen The loomer blog suggested several times. Any other suggestions on funnels for INFO products or Facebook ads is appreciated!

PS Thanks! you helped me go from commenter to potential running the facebook advertising for this business!
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    If he's ready to pay for a course for you - that's where you need to start.
    Why try to sort it out if the company is willing to provide you with expert training?

    There is no shortage of free tutorials online about FB ads. You can use forum search here and on google to learn about FB ads, about funnels. Copywriting is not a quick learning curve but leaning to write ads can be done.

    Good luck to you.
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    Like Kay said there are all sorts of courses and classes out there, but you could start with digitalmarketer lab & listen and follow Amy Porterhouse blog/podcasts.
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