How to promote software - without traditional content marketing, or being a jerk

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Hey folks...

What do you think of the following strategy to promote an online software company, without doing traditional content marketing - but while still being cool and all?


1) Create a brief and clean sales page for one simple (but valuable) piece of software. Put an actual, working buy button on the page.

2) Create a separate landing page that says something to the effect of:

"Download [software name] that [gives you these benefits].

It sells for $X at [URL]. But don't buy it from there. You can download it for free from the link below.

We have a selfish motive for doing this. If you use this piece of software, and you like it, perhaps you will consider checking out some of our other pieces of software over at [URL].

But for now, just use this software and benefit from it, with our compliments.

Click this link to download the software."

3) The download link points to a zip file. The file includes the software itself, as well as other "supporting files" like:

- An HTML page with links to even more free, helpful stuff (unannounced bonuses).

- A video or special report that provides actual value and at the same time presells people on our company and explains why someone would benefit from doing business with us (think advertorial, but more useful).

4) Send paid traffic to the landing page that gives away the free software (mentioned in "step 2" above).

What do you think?

How could we make this process even better?

Thanks in advance!
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    You might want to study how most of the SAAS offering are made on something like appsumo then you can click though to the websites of sellers.

    be sure to read all the questions and reviews of both buyers and prospects on the offer pages as it will give you a real clue as to what people buying some software actually want and what their concerns are.

    I would suggest an absolutely clear and transparent offer right up front would be the most requested thing most prospects are asking.

    Do some homework.

    jump over to appsumo and look at at least the last 60 or more offers and actually read and research the reviews and the questions. Compile the answers you find in a spreadsheet and then act on that research.

    If you do this you will have such a good understanding of how people feel about sales pages and offers and what features and the benefits of those features means to real users.

    You will discover several trends.

    I do that just to find out what is getting voted up and I note what those questions and comments are saying.

    Doesn't matter what the software or product is that is being sold.

    Look at this free research put on a platter for you.

    Best regards,

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    For instance, if want promote your product you can choose 2-ways. One promote your product through top news and other channel. It might consider much cost.
    Another way is by help of digital marketing you can promote your software, it not considered much cost. So create social media channel according to the project, like software and websites and more. If know SEO and SMM then easily promote your product. Gradually do it on and off page tactics SEO and same time you can promote your software by using ad-word. It tool help run the ads particular location and target audience. So that's easy way promote your software and web site.
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    Option #3 sounds much better! Especially with the video stuff. There you can make a kill for real (to push your target market to watch your persuasive video that explain everything to kill their doubt and take you into their account for sure).

    Hard time to keep promoting business? Don't worry!
    . . . . . Let me help cutting your ad production cost! . . . . .
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