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Hi Guys,

I own a dating review site and i am looking for ways to increase my traffic, Is it possible to do that by buying expired domains and redirecting them to my site without messing around with Google ?
From a small research i have done apparently the best way to do it is to re-create the old site of the expired domain and just add your links but isn't this time consuming ?

P.S if you have any other ideas how can i increase my traffic just let me know
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    P.S if you have any other ideas how can i increase my traffic just let me know
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    Go to expireddomains.net and find domains that are expired in your niche and check the metrics of the domain to see the traffic history etc, then choose the one with decent traffic and just redirect it to your review site.
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      This is actually what i am doing but what happens in terms of SEO? As far as i know Google doesn't really like this.
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    I would say there are better ways to get traffic, somebody mentioned advertising that would be a start. Buy some ad space or make some Youtube videos would also be good.
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      Well i am already running campaigns on Google and some native ads. But CPC is quit expensive.
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    I'm curious how you came up with this idea of driving traffic to your site?

    I understand you're asking for traffic help, which is cool, but when you ask someone who knows NOTHING about traffic how to get more traffic, they will likely say "paid advertising"....not buy up expired domains and redirect the traffic.

    I'm not at all saying this in a disrespectful way. I'm just wondering if you've tried other forms of advertising and didn't get results, so you tried the expired domain strategy? It just doesn't seem like the typical first method of acquiring traffic.

    Side question: what are you or others reviewing on your dating review site?
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      Hi & thanks for your reply.

      I am already running some campaigns in Google and Facebook and i am also doing SEO. The problem is that CPC is quite expensive and of course i cannot compete easily with the big guys. So i thought it's a good idea if i could find alternative ways to promote my site, that's why i am asking for the expired domains.

      In regards to your question i am reviewing dating sites like cdate, adultfriendfinder etc. I am doing affiliate marketing in dating. I also run campaigns directly to the offers.
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