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I looked at weight loss as serach term and found that
from middle of summer (July) until last Dec the search
for weight loss decrease. Then from Jan 1st and entire
Jan people realize they got fat lol. Seriously take a look:

Google Trends: weight loss

For you who promote weight loss products. Can you say
sales peak Jan/Feb?


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    Definitely! LOL! From my experience, anyway...

    I always have a chuckle because you can see the sales/traffic start increasing around Jan. 1st (it actually starts a bit after Christmas). Traffic/sales skyrocket once most people are back to work (a day or two after Jan. 1st, depending on what day Jan. 1 falls on). And then around two weeks into January, things start decreasing.

    People get very gung-ho with their New Year's resolutions, but then slowly start to lose interest. :-)

    There's a second peak around April, when people start thinking spring/summer/shorts/bathing suits. A third peak comes around July. But these peaks don't come close to the first two weeks of January...

    December is the quietest month, especially the week before Christmas.

    Oh, and there's usually a peak after most holidays where people tend to overeat! :-)

    This is from my experience over the past 5/6 years. Other people may have different experiences...

    Edited to add: I just looked at your Google Trends link: yeah, that looks about right! :-)

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      I think GT is good to know when to do ads campaigns.
      Since doing a weigh loss campaign 2nd week in December
      must really be bad

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      I hadn't thought about the weight loss & New Years connection. I was going to start a weight loss product campaign within the next several weeks but I think I'll put that off a bit. Also, with a program like "The biggest loser" on the tube, that might inspire people that were otherwise on the fence about starting a diet.

      Of course that is only relevant if the show has high rating which I don't know at this time. Good info...thanks


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        This is such a good demonstration of niche's that aren't necessarily evergreen.. tie in 3 or 4 niche's that fluctuate like that and you have the basis for some good times...



        Bare Murkage.........

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      Originally Posted by BIG Mike View Post


      I think you've just figured out what a lot of people miss the boat on. Not every niche is going to be 100% active 12 months out of the year. So 3 months prior to the higher activity, you ramp up the off page SEO and start promoting it. Then let it chill when the surge is over and pick it up again prior to the next one.
      Mike, what is "off page SEO", rather, what is "off page"?

      - For your import/export/customs questions or problems, send PM.

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    If anyone here has been following the fat loss for idiots affiliate pages, they are a very good source of information about this very topic. They tell you when to start promoting to hit the peak head on and have some great free information that you can apply to any weight loss campaign.

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    nevermind, im too slow

    Nothing to see here. Move along, citizen.

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    Yes, I think it can help understand sales better. I did a back check and
    most searched from Jan 2008 related to weight loss was:

    - Flat Belly diet (Google Trends: flat belly diet, Jan 2, 2008)

    I didn't check it much further. What can be said is that IM related topics and
    products is mostly never among top searches. But that was no news. Since
    most people uses the net for info search on mostly names of persons.

    Like for today we have:
    Google Trends: Sep 20, 2008

    Looks like Amazon and eBay marketing should work well. However
    most searches is HUGE topics and there are millions of keywords that
    sell for billions not even listed.

    What amazes me most, is that related keyword to x niche is not even
    close to what you can find at CB for example. Common people uses a
    huge difference approach.

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    New Year's resolutions for sure.

    I think the 2 most popular New Year's resolutions are to loss weight and to quit smoking.
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    I've been in the health niche for ten years on the net, and January, February are allways the best months.

    It is a good point to start building backlinks and checking for where your keywords are in the search engines a two or three months before the spike. That always helps.

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    Good point. It matches what I experienced anyway.

    Thanks, Yaji

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    Cat Dandruff All about Cat Dandruff. A Must-Read for Cat Lovers

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    This does not surprise me at all - it totally makes sense given the New Years Resolutions people take up. I suspect there would be a similar trend for the Giving Up Smoking or Be More Careful with money niches.
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