What is simple and easy and free way to promote zip/email submit CPA offers for beginners?

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I tried to do the best way to promote the CPA offer with free method.I tried facebook group and youtube and failed because need long time and effort to do.I ever tried PPC and I lost my money.

So, can everybody tell me about 'crazy simple experiences method' that can help to make money online with CPA?

my best wishes.

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    First of all, I don't think there are some 'crazy simple method' which will make you fast and easy money in CPA marketing. Better just concentrate on methods which worked in the past and working now, and prepare to work hard and take massive action.

    Also, please check these links of warrior forum threads, it may help you out. Just please don't expect anything easy.

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    What you need to do to really make it in the CPA game is to get into email marketing. You email the CPA offers through email marketing. That is what the big boys do. They are called mailers.
    I can help you with that if you are interested. Just PM.

    Also want to add ignore zip/email submit offers, I know they look like they can make a lot of money and it is just easy to get people to just submit their email and you get paid but it is not that simple and you will find out these offers are the most spammy type of offers for you. The advertisers will shave you aka not pay you a lot of times and you will constantly need to just to the same offer on multiple CPA networks and your ROI will suffer, trust me I have been there. Until I threw them out I began to build a steady income, before them it was a grind that never ended.

    Like I said I can help you but remember there is no easy method everything requires work.
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    Just like you when I was getting started I thought it's pretty easy people just need to enter their name, email or maybe zip code and I will be get paid.

    but what I found later on that most of the CPA offers are scam.

    and even I do believe that selling a product of $2,000 is much easier than converting a CPA offer.

    yeah there are some of the people who are really crushing.

    but if you want to go with the CPA marketing then you should start building your email list and there are a lot of methods to build an email list but easiest way to build an email list is through solo ads.

    you can go with udimi solo ads or there are many other vendors you can find the vendors in the Facebook groups also.

    but let me tell you you need to be very careful while promoting CPA offers because if you are going to promote a CPA offer and that is found to be scam then your whole email list is not going to trust you and you will lose whole of your email list.
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