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Hey everyone,

I am currently doing SEO for a client on a multilingual website, where I have to deal with translations and such.

Now, I have already managed to put them on the top 1 google ranking for their most relevant keyword. What seems weird to me is that I search the keyword (the keyword is English), but the top google result from the website is not the English version. Why could this be?
I have done most SEO strategies for the English version which is the main version.

I also have a second question that seems a bit weird: As I said, my client is already ranking top 1 on the results because of the SEO strategies that I applied, but for local SEO (the google maps listings) I can´t seem to rank higher than top 5 for some reason. Could there be a very specific why my local listings are not improving like my google rankings?

I´ll be looking forward to your replies. Thank you in advance!
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