Best free tracking link service?

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Hey guys,

What is the best and accurate tracking link service which would be free?
I don't need some fancy options, it should just track how many unique and raw visitors link receives. And it should be free.

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    The question is a bit unclear to me but you seem to be asking how to see how many visitors an external link is bringing to your website. Google Analytics does that for free.
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    For link tracking you get submit your website into webmaster tool and can look after how many links a page received. Also can use Ahrefs tool to check more details about the link.

    To check traffic and visitors in real time the best option is Google Analytics. it is free and accurate than any other tool.
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    As Dave mentioned, if you're looking for tracking you can use Google Analytics.

    Or, you can search Google for free PHP tracking scripts. (I wrote my own tracking script in PHP, but I'm sure there are free scripts available online.)

    If you decide that you're willing to pay a little, my favorite tracker is (I love their all-in-one report page.)

    Finally, if you ask this question in the Ad Networks sub-forum, the CPA marketers there may have other suggestions.

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    I've used the very generous free version of for several years. Long before Google Analytics. Will need to add code to your site. Has a WP plugin also if that's what you're using.
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    Google analytics has always worked for me. Not sure who your web host is, but some web hosts provides you with this information automatically on a daily basis. For example Yahoo Small Business does this.
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    If you want a free link tracking service then bitly is the best one.
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