Blog Comment Spamming is a Stupid Idea

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Folks, just because a blog has dofollow comments does not mean it's a spam whorehouse.

There is a prominent and well-known member of this forum spamming at least two of my blogs. Ironically one of them isn't even live -- there were two separate comments from the same person in response to that default "Welcome to WordPress! This is your first post" post.

There's no reason for me to call this individual out, but seeing a guy of his general repute in my filter really irks me, because I have to wonder if this is the kind of crap that gets taught in Secret Affiliate Uber Boot Camp kind of classes.

What I'm trying to say here is: don't f-ing spam people's blogs, it's tacky and when you make two separate responses to the same default WP post it makes you look like an idiot on top of looking like a spammer.

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    Good point. There is really a fine line between ethical and unethical link building. SEM, search engine marketing or search engine manipulation?

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