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Hi Everyone,

I'm promoting a weight loss ebook and I want more target traffic sources. I'm currently do Bingads but cpc is really expensive for this niche. Solo Ads are bring a minimal return.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!
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    Are you on Google Ads at the moment, or Facebook Ads? Have you ventured out to see if there are any websites in your niche that you can advertise on? What kind of free marketing are you doing? Have you found anyone successful in the weight loss niche who are selling ebooks that you could study and learn from?
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    Content marketing works really well, if you're prepared to wait for it, or have a strategy.

    The best traffic source is your own email list, instead of promoting your book straight away maybe offer a free sample and build an email list that way? Then you have a supply of traffic whenever you want it.
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    You'll have a much higher conversion with people who know, like and trust you as opposed to just blasting your product with paid ads.

    The weight loss niche is saturated. Why would people immediately buy this ebook from you vs. the millions of other weight loss products out there?

    Paid ads work if they're created the right way, and hitting consumers with the sale immediately after clicking the ad is not the best way....especially in a niche with many well known professionals and industry leaders that are probably more known, liked and trusted in this field than you.

    Doing it the right way takes time, effort and patience. In a nutshell, create your list with an opt-in, which gives people something for free. Stay in touch with your list. Then you can introduce your ebook for sale.
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    What Michael Meaney says is the best an email list instead of promoting your ebook.

    Then you can promote your ebook or other weight loss products to the list.

    In my experience, weight loss supplements that are offered via free trial + S/H has worked the best for me. Users get a product worth $50-$60+ and just pay shipping/handling to receive.

    That's how I made pretty decent money in the niche. However, I think there are easier niches to make money with.

    Have you made money with your ebook?

    Personally, I think most people are too lazy to do what is required to lose weight and want a magic solution...Hence supplements.
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    Why don't you create an Instagram account

    then start to follow people who are interested about weight loss

    You can use a tool to do so.

    There are usually a percentage of people who will follow you back.

    Then you can promote your link in your Bio. Should use a tool to follow

    You can have targeted traffic for free this way
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    You can use instagram automation tools in order to target weight loss people with using hashtags easily. It is easy and much more cheaper than any other way
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