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Hey Warriors!

As mentioned in our 2019 Update Thread, we are in the process of bringing back Warrior Learn. We have been in talks with some amazing experts who will be coming on board as Verified Warrior Contributors and contribute every month on topics around their specialty.

We know that there are tons of knowledgeable members in the community as well, so we'd love to invite you to participate as Community Contributors!

If you're interested in being part of this, comment down below:

1) Brief background about yourself
2) Topics you'd like to write about

Good luck!
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  • Profile picture of the author Kay King
    I think many members might be interested in basics of drop shipping or sourcing products, building your first blog or website and perhaps a series (is that right?) on how to get started with affiliate marketing.

    Lots of posts about FB advertising but not much solid info on it here - that could be popular, too.

    The most common questions are often "can you give me step by step
    It's often the initial organization/setup of an online business that makes new marketers go 'huh'?
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      Originally Posted by Kay King View Post

      The most common questions are often "can you give me step by step
      It's often the initial organization/setup of an online business that makes new marketers go 'huh'?
      Very true! Having been in this business for many years now, this is the number one thing I hear from clients who have come from paying and listening to some 'so-called' guru, about growing their business. . . "I just spent X amount of dollars and a lot of time with X and still have no idea about what to do to make my business profitable, I feel robbed." The foundation was not stable to start with, and that was never addressed.

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  • Profile picture of the author Mark Singletary
    I'm looking forward to seeing who you have lined up. Some of the previous WAMAs were pretty good so a renewed emphasis on that kind of training I think will be helpful to many members.

    Some of the biggest help requests people post about are the basics such as how to set up a WP blog, how to start making money, how to monetize a site, how to set up a membership site, how to start with affiliate marketing, how to set up a FB page, how to get traffic, how to succeed with YouTube, etc.

    I think many of those topics would be well received by new members.

    One suggestion for the content is that it needs to be kept up to date. Software, SEO rules, social media guidelines, etc. change over time. There is nothing worse than outdated or wrong information that leads someone astray when they are trying to get a site set up or figure out Google or whatever.

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  • Profile picture of the author Ruth Inyama
    This is indeed an amazing development, and I'd sincerely love to make invaluable contributions to building capacity in people in the following areas; Email Marketing & SEO.

    My official name is Deborah Inyama, I'm a Nigerian blogger, tech savvy, internet marketer (Affiliate marketer) on Click bank, JVZoo, Warrior plus and Amazon. Currently working on my first product to be launched soon.

    I control sites like,,, and more.

    I have been with prolific and seasoned internet marketing gurus where I had to learn by observations and practice.

    I got exposed to internet marketing in 2014, and since then, I caught an unending love and passion for the illustrious industry. I may not have acquired all the knowledge as regards to the ecosystem but believe me, I have gained experience, understanding the psychology of the industry well enough to replicate it anytime.

    The technical part of the terrain also sits well with me. I train a couple persons locally, and that's how I acquire more knowledge and understanding in internet marketing. I also want to extend it further if I'm giving the opportunity to do so.

    Deborah Inyama
    Warrior member
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  • Profile picture of the author speedylikesKJ
    I have been an active contributor in Ad Networks , About CPA Marketing in past, I have been in CPA Marketing for almost a decade now and learned everything from Warrior forum I also run one of the top cpa marketing blogs in industry, Thought I have been inactive for a while due to lack of old friends but I am ready to give this forum and its community back once again as this forum played an important role in my success
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  • Profile picture of the author chronosgolf
    This sounds like a great idea.
    I'm sure you are looking for more advanced marketers than me but I look forward to seeing what comes of it.
    Thanks for bringing it back
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  • Profile picture of the author theDarkKnightMarketer
    Sounds great! I'm sure there are many things I can share that are related to Affiliate Marketing, Traffic Generation and Conversions.

    I can't wait to check out Warrior Learn!

    >> It's easy to make money with affiliate marketing - see undeniable proof here <<

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  • Profile picture of the author Michael Meaney
    Count me in.

    I've contributed to the Learn section a few times before.

    My background... digital marketing since 1998, full time self-employed since 2004.

    My skills... traffic generation, copywriting, funnel design, product creation, content marketing, SEO & video marketing.
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  • Profile picture of the author Beyonslay
    I personally want to see more topics about video games and softwares.

    ShowBox Tutuapp Mobdro
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  • Profile picture of the author naviown
    Would be great to see more topics about crypto currency.
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  • Profile picture of the author amirali999
    i also want more videos and articles about this.
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  • Profile picture of the author l23bc
    Like to know more on Influance Marketing if possible

    No Link here or Nothing to Promote Just a Old Happy Warrior User reading Topics

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  • Profile picture of the author phptechie
    Gr8 news at the moment :-)

    You can count me in , if I'm found fit to contribute.

    I'm a Freelancer turned Entrepreneur with over 15+ years of experience in building Websites & Web Applications , my clients include Start-ups to Small Businesses & Entrepreneurs.

    I would be interested in Contributing in areas related to
    Web Development
    Web Domains
    Client Handling etc,..

    Let me know if my profile fits in any of the above & I would be happy to be a part in the community.
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  • Hey Guys,

    I've been a Warrior Forum Member Since April 2007. (12 Years) And I've Contributed Tons Of Advice And Many Products To This Wonderful Forum In The Past.

    My Company Stolting Media Group Is A World Leading Extremely Creative And Forward Thinking Full Service Multimedia Production, Publishing And Entertainment Company.

    We Produce And Distribute Premium Quality Multimedia Products And Services Including Music, Original Sounds And Sound Effects For Video And Film Production, And Hold Copyrights To Hundreds Of Thousands Of Sound, Graphics & Image Files In Our Library. We Provide Custom Creation And Production As Well. We Also Publish Information Products From eBooks Up To Full Blown Courses For The Creative Entrepreneur.

    Our Experienced Team Consists Of Award Winning Individuals With Over 4 Decades Of Combined Knowledge. Using This Experience We Provide Consulting To Businesses Large And Small, And To Individual Entrepreneurs In All Areas From Creative Development To Marketing And Promotion. We Also Have Access To A Large Pool Of Experienced And Successful Talent In Every Area Of Expertise.

    Businesses And Entrepreneurs Have Benefited From Our Business Advice In Order To Completely Restructure, And Or Drive Traffic To Their Existing Business. We Have The Knowledge And Expertise, And Are Qualified To Help Entrepreneurs Looking For Assistance In Many Areas Offline And Online From Product Development To Marketing.

    Private Label / White Label Licenses Are Available For Many Of Our Products Including Music And Sounds.

    Stolting Media Group is a professional Registered Music Publisher Member With SOCAN - (Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada), and CMRRA - (Canadian Musical Reproduction Rights Agency).

    Hundreds Of Our Popular Quality Products Are Available Which Are Well Known Within Communities Such As The Music, Movie, Multimedia and Information Publishing industries, And Our Team Is Well Known For Creating And Delivering Some Of The Highest Quality And Creative Products And Services To These Industries Including Many Other Popular Niches World Wide Including Self Help.

    Stolting Media Group Is A Legally Registered Company, And Has Been Actively Operating Since 2005, With Numerous Business Ventures Running Since 1993, And Before The Internet Was A "Thing".

    Over The years, We Have Received Tons Of Positive Testimonials From Our Happy Customers Which Include Many World Famous And Award Winning Household Names Including many Of Your Famous (God Father) Still Idolized To This Day Internet Marketers.

    I Would Like To Contribute Towards Helping You Produce Salable Quality "Products" That Have A Purpose. As I Feel There's Still A Lack In This Area. Everyone Is Learning How To Market And Promote. Well That's Great. But If You Are Pushing A Crappy Product, Or Someone Else's Questionable Product...., In The End, Is That Really A Business? One You Can Be Proud Of?
    Arnold Stolting - Stolting Media Group
    "I LOVE The Song! The Vibe Is Positive And Firm!" - Kymani Marley. (Son of Bob Marley)
    "Keep Up The Good Work!" Tony Lindsay - Lead Vocalist, Carlos Santana.

    "Very High Quality!" Jeremy Harding - Manager / Producer. Sean Paul.
    "They Are FANTASTIC!" - Willie Crawford.

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  • Profile picture of the author connections
    Originally Posted by View Post

    Hey Warriors!
    If you're interested in being part of this, comment down below:

    1) Brief background about yourself
    2) Topics you'd like to write about
    I started out quite some time ago as a newb interested in how websites work and found I had a talent for developing websites, and because I previously worked as a business manager I had to learn more about what makes one successful and so on.

    My name is Kimberly Dodson, I have been a Warrior since 2004 and have been known for a number of my business websites over the years.

    You need a good solid foundation for any site or business to be successful, and I would like to write about that.

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  • Profile picture of the author strykenjames07
    Hi, I am Allan Mantaring, a speaker, financial coach and author. Can you post topics about social media marketing, how to build a buyer list, and how to be an authority in your market and how to build your brand?

    Thank you.

    Do you want to start earning $300 Per Day Online Starting Today? Check out my website.

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  • Profile picture of the author Tony S
    Online promotion is my thing, my passion, my work. Iv'e been at it for over 10 years. I've learned a lot that I would be happy to share from a multitude of online marketing tips to developing the proper Internet marketer's mindset.

    "Give a person a fish they can eat for that day: teach them how to fish they can eat for their lifetime".

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  • Profile picture of the author iTourist Online
    Maybe you could try.
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  • Profile picture of the author SV Web Services
    I have experience in content writing, digital marketing, SEO, web, and logo related services. I can provide my services in related fields.
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  • Profile picture of the author tecHead
    I'm just here for the comments.. I don't know diddly!
    Learn Everything You Need to Know About CryptoCurrencies
    Automation is the primary conduit to successful relaxation
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  • Esports Education & Analysis

    Esports is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world.

    If you want to understand esports better or to be a part of the business growth around the games, I am here to help.

    My specialty is career building and business building around the venue of competitive gaming.

    I focus on areas of interest within the esports industry such as news on tournaments, or high-level analytics (think "sabermetrics", for those familiar with baseball).

    Info about me:

    I'm a digital marketer specializing in the business of design & esports.

    I'm also a creative director and have over a decade of experience working with a range of artists, writers, editors, coaches & consultants on visual art & esports along with the legion of themes related to the arts & esports schemes.
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  • Profile picture of the author Hurned1980
    I'm seo professional. So as a seo expert i would to like to see marketing automation.

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  • Profile picture of the author Hurned1980
    One more topic I would like to see or want to talk - amazon FBA marketing. Because I checked in google and other search engines. There r lack of information about FBA marketing.

    So if People start to write a thread about FBA marketing i think it will help us to build our knowledge about FBA marketing.

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  • Profile picture of the author Dean Fields

    How many here have a web site? My expertise is in all things web hosting, servers, email, etc. I can write about hosting and related technical issues. I am also an Amazon Associate so I can easily tie the two together.
    Collabora 365 - Web, Email Hosting, Wordpress and Ecommerce Hosting
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