How to stop blackhat sites sharing/selling other people products?

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I have noticed that some blackhat forums are sharing or doing 'group buys' of other people products which are expensive. It's not fair, people are spending a lot of time, energy and money to create a product and others doing 'group buys' and sharing for very little amout of money.

My question is if there is a way to stop it?
Can we use some service or some law to remove such 'group buys' threads from the net or blackhat forums?

Is it even legal to do such group buys?
For example. Some person buys the product for $2000 and uploads all content to some sharing site. Next he creates a thread where everybody can buy the content for like $30.

I really would hate if my product would be sold from some stranger for few bucks.
So again, how to stop it? if its even possible.
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    You will not be able to stop people from ripping off your products. Consider it the ultimate form of flattery, that they consider your work worth stealing. I will let others chime in so you can get better answers.

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    Don't sweat it.

    If people want to download virus-infected pirate crap, let them.

    They ain't ever gonna buy from you anyway.

    Focus your energy on helping the people who actually value you.

    You could try sending a DMCA or C&D, but it might or might not work, depending on the host.

    And you can ask Google to remove it from the SERPs here.
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    1. Don't sell garbage products like CryptoCurrency? It's ironic when smarmy products get pirated. I digress.
    2. Ensure your website and Intellectual Property is secured/encrypted.
    3. Vet your affiliates thoroughly. Affiliate fraud has been, and still is, rampant. Paying customers aren't gonna share your stuff for free. But freebie seekers will, including "affiliates".
    I'd rather tell you an ugly truth than a pretty lie.
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    1) DMCA notice
    2) Make Google delete the search result by providing info that you're the copyright owner. I did it just a week ago for one of my books that I've written, and they actually deleted the search result.
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    There is another way they are ripping off product creators. PayPal charge-backs. They buy the product with PayPal, Then they copy or download the product. Next they put in a claim for a refund by making false statements about the product. Next step is selling or sharing the product on Black Hat sites..
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    O F F L I N E!
    A $2,000 product that someone can take and reproduce is frankly OVERPRICED!

    That is why this is happening. Simple.

    I have $10,000 products and NO ONE can STEAL them because they were designed to operate (be functional or >>>actionable<<<) ONLY through me - period!

    That's what makes my $10,000 products WORTH every penny!

    So if any of you truly have a high ticket product worth the high ticket, you should be able to OFFLINE the actionable part(s) rendering any bootlegging of the "content" null and useless.

    That's my 2 cents worth!
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    My lesson learned after 10 years online: give zero energy to people doing stuff from fear and give all of your energy to people doing stuff from love, harmony and fun, and you shall succeed. 100% ignore this buddy. Ignore their tactics. Focus on growing a thriving business from an organic approach. People will be buying your products down the road while folks in these groups will fail and quit. Happens literally EVERY TIME for people driven by fear, who do silly stuff.
    Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    Focus on growing your business and align your mind, body and actions to the work u are supposed to do. Frankly, piracy will never stop and most of the people who download any product never take any action because well, after another 30 minutes, another new product is shared or a group buy started and the circle goes on and on...
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    Accept the things you cannot change. If the music and film industry can fund task forces at every level to go after piracy and still not stop it? Accept it. It's not money lost. It's money that never was.

    Also ... what most product creators actually dislike ... is that black hat sites write scathing reviews of rehash products ... whereas affiliates always write pre-sell "reviews" ...

    Group buys? Who cares. In a book store, 2 friends can easily pool their money together and buy a book and share it if they are short on money. Again, it's not money lost. It's money that never was.

    I worked the dating advice space for a long time. That stuff gets shared just as much as IM-er stuff. I liked when my stuff got shared. It meant the market thought it was valuable enough to get props on a forum for sharing it.

    And my sales SPIKED when it got shared.

    Some people DO read those reviews and trust them more than some affiliate trying to pre-sell so they get a commission. And some people do download that one product for free ... and if it is good ...

    They BUY your next one.

    If you sell re-hash, fluff crap, or are a one-product pony ... then you might get "hurt" by it being shared. Otherwise?

    Look at the film industry. They have more billion dollar franchises in the age of sharing than they ever had before it ... even when adjusted for inflation.

    And music? There are more $ 100 million tours now than ever before. And all these no-names blow up on Soundcloud and in 6 months go from broke to buying a Bentley.

    The money's still out there, even in the age of sharing.

    The Genie's out the bottle. Deal with it as it is and not some fantasy of how you want it to be. That's all you can actually do.
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    Its not possible unfortunatelly and to be honest Its really disgusting
    It also happened to us..
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    Trust me the internet is so large that there is no way you'll be able to stop something like this from happening. Focus your efforts on the people who are truly going to support you.

    No matter how freely available your stuff is on the internet if you have people who truly like and follow you they will buy your stuff.

    The people who are downloading your stuff for free are the exact people you don't want buying your stuff in the first place. They are the ones who are going to buy and then ask for a refund.
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    You can detect their IP when they login and flag accounts that are from different IP / region.
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