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Hey fellow Warriors!

The context: I've been running my online course business for a few months now - I've got a webinar funnel and product set up. I've been marketing primarily on YouTube with success but now I'm considering growing by improving my SEO and SMM game.

My question is: Should I hire a Social Media Marketing Agency to do all my marketing including SEO? Or do I need to hire both two agencies for SEO and Social Media Marketing?

Side note: Should I hire a copywriter to write my Social Media ad copy and emails or should I expect HQ copy from a Social Media Marketing Agency.

(The marketing agency I hire will most likely be mid-level '3-4K/Month').

Your answers are always game changing so thanks in advance!
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    A social media agency should be able to do everything you need described in your post. It would be wise to get looks from a couple different agencies and compare services and prices.
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    You have defined needs.. you have a reasonable budget. Its simply a matter of finding the perfect fit for YOU, and your defined needs.

    I will say this.. the defined goals of the SEO efforts should not parallel your Social Media efforts. SEO is a long term strategy, and Social Media is a very pinpoint accurate short term strategy.

    If I am selling widgets. I want my SEO to cover drawing traffics through all cycles of the buying cycle. Product discovery, Product analysis, Product Comparison, Product Specific, and Product purchase. The flip side of this is Social media... you are looking for triggers.. Red Widgets are hot.. create content to drive traffic to sell red widgets. Summer is here, green widgets are hot.. sell green widgets. Stainless steel widgets are hot 3 months later, change direction and focus on that.

    SEO is a shotgun with a room full of people, and Social media is a shark in a tank with 1 fish with its dorsal fins cut off leaving a stream of blood

    Hope that Helps!
    Success is an ACT not an idea
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    Many of these agencies do both. You wouldn't need to hire different companies. You can do a search (the best '') and then check for reviews. I am an affiliate for The Hoth (no link). They are very affordable and will also rank your YouTube videos among other packages they provide.
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    If you're having success with YouTube, I would recommend social media. SEO is a long term play and in the digital course business, can be extremely competitive.
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