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by C Will
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Without going into too much detail, let me explain my current situation.

I was recently referred to a site by a friend of mine who has a relatively large instagram following. The site in question claims to be a "network for influencers" but when navigating through it, the main focus seems to be on paying people to take surveys.

The influencer part comes into play because for every person to click your referral link, you earn $5. Every sign up is an additional $10.

I'm not sure where or how they are making their money, but the site is legit. My friend plugged his link in a couple posts and has been paid out a little over $1,000.

I wondered, what would happen if I just ran paid traffic to my referral link? As long as my CPC was less than $5 I'd be making money for almost zero work or effort.

Rather than setting up a google, FB, or Bing ad I decided to search around for other traffic sources. I came across a ton of companies that claim they can get me 10k page views for as little as $15, and that all their traffic is legit and no bots are in use.

I took a look at the websites Terms and fraud policy and it doesnt say anything about running paid traffic being against the rules, only that fake, non-human traffic is.

Are these traffic sites that boast 10k clicks for 10, 15, 20 dollars legit? Are they real people? How do they get the traffic that cheap? Is it just extremely low quality? And can you guys recommend any good websites for this kind of traffic? If I'm being paid per click and dont need any actual referrals, I dont need a high amount, or really any conversions to turn a profit, as long as the traffic is 100% real people I'm not breaking their terms.

I dunno, I've always believed if something sounds too good to be true then it probably is.

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    "The site in question claims to be a "network for influencers" but when navigating through it, the main focus seems to be on paying people to take surveys."

    Let it go. Let the site go. Move on. You spotted this red flag; so, heed the warning and move on.

    Do you genuinely believe any influencer would be involved with taking surveys? Tons of folks call me an influence; whatever. BUT...I have hundreds of things to do today....guaranteed, being involved with paid surveys ain't one of 'em

    Move on and save your time and energy for something meaningful.
    Ryan Biddulph inspires you to be a successful blogger with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    IDK, the make money deal sounds a little wack... Getting paid $5 just for people to click on your affiliate link?

    Now about paid ads...

    Any site promising you tons of traffic for next to nothing is most likely 'bot' traffic.

    Robots don't buy stuff.
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    If you are willing to pay money then you can also go for paid ads. They are easier and effective in increasing traffic of your website.
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    Well spend a little budget and see what hapens ,if your results are garbage then give up on that site
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    Well, I ran some traffic to the link and requested to cash out. $4770 is marked as "confirmed" and is set to hit my bank account on the 9th. I guess I'll find out whether or not they are legit soon.

    My main concern with traffic source is I dont want to buy traffic that could be potentially fake and get sued for fraud.
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    Paid traffic comes in so many forms.basically is when you pay to get visitors for a website.Off course getting oragnic traffic is the best option but it is not always as easy,buying traffic can be good under certain circumstance.
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