Is promoting affiliates links without a sale's funnel Possible in 2019?

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I was just curious to know... Is there a way to promote affiliates links without sending traffic to a sale's funnel... I was wondering if the method of sending traffic str8 to a link can still product sales...
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    Anything can work.

    You have to test.

    If I had to send traffic directly to a conversion tool, which I would not as that process would make me lose the lead I just paid to generate, I would pick a low price offer with a good back end offer.
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    Of course, it would work. You can send traffic directly to your affiliate link's and you will make sales for sure.
    But the question is if you should do it. Maybe it's better to build a list. Maybe it's better to send traffic through the funnel so you would increase your ROI.

    Sending directly to your aff links would make you sales and it would happen pretty fast.
    Sending traffic through funnel and building list would also make you sales, but not so fast.

    Just chose whats working best for you.
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    Depends on the platform. If you're using a paid traffic method like Adwords, no... You'll lose your account, as you need to send traffic to a (butter/landing) page you own or host.

    If you're using a blogging platform (blogger, weebly, etc) or YouTube, you can add affiliate links in the posts or in your video descriptions, but it's best to build a list for future communications.

    ***Most sales require multiple interactions with you or your sales material to convert.

    So, as mentioned above; building an email list and/or lead capture page will increase your odds of converting sales.
    Coming Soon... *Laser Targeted Lead Generation Services
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    the point of sending people to a funnel is to try to justify why they should buy what you promote..if they are already familiar with the product and its use then yes you can produce sales with bare affiliate links as well
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  • You may only have 1 sale out of 100 clicks. Leads are not cheap, so it is better to capture using high converting squeeze page or landing page first then re-direct to sales page.
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    If you're promoting products from well-known sites like Amazon then easily.
    Otherwise, you have to be an authority or an influencer to promote stuff without landing pages.
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