Do you think ClickBank's affiliate program is good?

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Hi All,

I want to get started in affiliate marketing and after some research, I believe that ClickBank would be a great place to start.

I came across a review that advised me on the programs they offer if you want to create and sell your own product, or if you simply want to promote other peoples products. I think I am leaning towards promoting someone else's product as of now.

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Kind Regards.
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    ClickBank is a great platform to get started in affiliate marketing. They have a lot of products to promote and with good commissions. You may grow out of it as you figure out your niche and whatnot, but it's a good starting place.

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    I myself started with it.
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    The best thing about Clickbank is that it offers products in almost all the niches.this means that irrespestive of your demographic audience ,you can find the products which are suitable for your will have a large number of options to choose from when it comes to clickbank
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    I think CB is the worst place to start affiliate marketing. Why? Because they have some of the worst products it seemed to be created by brand new people who don't have a clue about what the heck they're doing online. On top of that top of that, they have almost zero training to offer new marketer. ClickBank needs to have stricter policies for vendors to create products. Most of the products on ClickBank Marketplace seem to have very low value content.

    Most people want to market CB products because it's free.

    But free can be the worst.

    Don't believe me?

    Some of the people have been lurking around this forum for years trying to put all of the make money pieces ALL on their own.
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    Clickbank can be a good place to learn affiliate marketing. If you are new I am sure you can discover a lot of mouth-watering possibilities. The problem with Clickbank, with few exceptions, is that the profit margins are very low.

    Some newbies make the mistake that they can make a killing by using free resources like social media. That can take a long time. The other option is to advertise and that costs money. Hence, the low profit margins.

    I have a few Clickbank products circulating on Twitter, Facebook fan pages and the occasional website banner. I just don't rely on these to make me self-supporting.
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  • They do have their own training, but you do have to pay for it.
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    If you want to get started with affiliate marketing, this is what I suggest you do.

    1. Pick your niche: You can't be all things to all people. What audience do you want to focus on? Ideally, pick an audience you know and understand.

    2. Set up your list: Get an autoresponder and capture page. This is where you are going to direct all of your traffic to.

    3. Find 2-3 affiliate products. Look for 2-3 affiliate products that would be a good fit for your niche.

    4. Update your sales funnel (autoresponder) with some sales letters promoting the products, plus a few educational emails.

    5. Pick 1-2 marketing strategies that make sense to you and then go and learn everything you can about them. Ideally, one free and one paid strategy. Marketing and being able to send TONS of TARGETED traffic to your offer is how the money is made in affiliate marketing.

    I hope that helps.
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    The Answer is Yes and No

    Yes: if you are a newbie then Affiliate marketing will help you get started but Clickbank is never the best place to start, why, in Affiliate marketing game if you don't know what you are doing then you will make a single sale, hence it will be disappointing and you will feel oh that doesn't work, let me catch another rabbit, (shiny object syndrome will sneak in)

    instead of following any Affiliate network to promote Affiliate Products... Learn everything about Affiliate Marketing, Buy a decent course, watch plenty of youtube videos on the subject, and then make your move...
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  • They are really good for niches other than MMO. Although, I have read recently that some marketers are again listing some decent MMO products again. The problem with that niche has always been the liberal return policy
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    Basically, if you can Sell any Click Bank Product, then you can sell anything.. ClickBank was around long time, I remember promoting it before y2k, it was really good back then,
    because people wasn't used to so much information... The good part is that you can find a product for almost ANYTHING, - just need to get some eyeballs on your blog and the rest is easy... Click Bank is a Must have in your "portfolio" .. Good luck...
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    I think Clickbank is well worth your time.

    But you have to be careful when you choose what product you are going to promote because a lot of products on CB are crap.
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    Clickbank Marketplace is a good start for anyone to make money online. I started with them 8 years ago and i am still making bank from them.
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    I think clickbank its good because its easy to promote a product as you dont need aproval plus you can find a variety of niches
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    I don't know why I am replying since the OP has not responded or given a single thank you. Here goes anyway for any newbies that happen upon this thread.

    Clickbank does not make you a successful or unsuccessful affiliate marketer. It is just a convenient way for product creators and affiliates to manage the financial and fulfillment of transactions.

    There are product creators and affiliates that have made and continue to make in the millions using Clickbank. Seriously. There are also many, many more that make zero. Just like W+, JVZ, CJ and others there are some amazing products and there are some (maybe mostly) terrible, terrible products.

    It is better to choose your niche first and then pick your products to promote. Clickbank may not be the right choice but there may be a dozen other affiliate opportunities from better sources.
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      Originally Posted by Janice Sperry View Post

      I don't know why I am replying since the OP has not responded or given a single thank you. Here goes anyway for any newbies that happen upon this thread.
      Yep, another one-post wonder - probably just promoting the site listed (since removed) in the post.
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      Originally Posted by Janice Sperry View Post

      [I]I don't know why I am replying since the OP has not responded or given a single thank you. .
      most probably another paid forum / fake poster ?

      edit / and yes as above a near famous seo promoter or spammer / take your pick.
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    Yes, you can start your affiliate marketing journey with ClickBank. Clickbank is a really great marketplace for the beginner.
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      Originally Posted by shorifulshanto View Post

      Yes, you can start your affiliate marketing journey with ClickBank. Clickbank is a really great marketplace for the beginner.
      Could you elaborate as to why it is great for the beginner


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    It's a good place to start but you need to find good products don't even try to promote a bad looking ones.
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    It's not too good not too bad .
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    Clickbank affiliate program is superb, they pay you on time and they are easy to use. One major problem is that most of the products there are quite shit( in the internet marketing niche), if you want to be successful long term, you need to promote good products so that your customer will trust you in the future. There are some high quality clickbank products as well, you just need to search for them nicely.
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    ClickBank is a huge affiliate network and they've been around for years. Been paid by them multiple times and it's properly the most easiest network to work with. Yes, I like ClickBank and promoting other products is the easiest to get into.
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    I kicked CB to the curb years ago. They FUBARed my account and then blew off my inquiries. Maybe you'll be one of the lucky ones, maybe not.
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    That is just a fact. Clickbank has products which literally sell themselves, and since focus of most sellers there is on upsells, you can get up to 100% commissions.

    Compare that to the Amazon Affiliates where on average you only get 4% commission.

    If you just want alternatives you can try JVZoo Affiliate Program, WarriorPlus Affiliate Program, eBay Partner Affiliate Program, and AliExpress Affiliate Program.
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