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Hello everyone!

This is my first post on this website and first forum topic in general.
My name is Dinara I am marketing manager of travel company in Baku, Azerbaijan.
Currently I am looking for internet platforms where I can lead my own blog about things-to-do in Baku, leave messages in forums and keep some info about my company.

But as I understood not every forum or website allows to share information from companie`s name to avoid promotion of our services.

For this reason I want to ask you which websites you can suggest as a platform for tour company?
Where can I lead the blog and participate in the forum to promote my company?
#marketing #portals #tourism
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    you have to seek these out yourself.
    First find forums in your niche and join them. Then read their TOS. Most forums will allow signatures and that is how you promote your service in those forums. You can also place ads in most forums.

    For a travel site Pinterest might be a good place to build a presence as well


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    If you got interesting blog articles in English, then you can try doing posts on Reddit (travel subreddits)
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  • I've worked in the travel market for many years. I started out as a sales representative and worked my way up to marketing executive. I'm now a freelance travel writer and I find that more and more, tour operators are going into content marketing with helpful articles for travelers. So essentially, you'll want to blog your business as much as you possibly can. And then IF you choose to trawl the forums for trade, you'll have plenty of articles to refer them to. My two cents worth there.

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